Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama's poll numbers continue to fall.


President Obama's poll numbers continue to slide according the respected Rasmussen polling group. According to Rasmussen, " Forty-eight percent (48%) say the President is doing a good or excellent job on national security issues. That’s down four points from a week ago and the first time his numbers have dipped below 50% on the national security front." If Obama ever gets any real scrutiny from the media, I am sure those numbers will fall at a much faster rate.

Rasmussen goes on to state that the Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 35% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty percent (30%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of +5. By comparison, George W. Bush had about a 13% higher numbers than the Messiah at this time in office. You have take into account that Bush was hated by the media and was being accused of "stealing" the election from the Global-Warming freak AlGore. The hostile press that Bush had to endure and the fawning press Obama now receives would actually make that 13% even more impressive.

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  1. High poll numbers are meant to fall... just witness Bush's numbers. Not sure what it means anymore but what I'd be most interested to see is how liberals explain the falling numbers. For example, I heard on liberal radio yesterday that the reason why so many slots are empty in the Obama administration was because, unlike Bush, he is trying so hard to find "high quality" people. Ha!

  2. Harrison-
    According to the White House Transition Project, which tracks appointments, there are some 1,200 government jobs that require Senate confirmation and about 360 of which are considered policy jobs. Only about 70 of those jobs have been filled so far. There have been a high number of appointments that have withdrawn due to the fact they cheated the government and not paid their taxes. Surely Obama can find 1200 liberals that pay their taxes. Then again, maybe not!

  3. Yea I know the reasons... my point was that Liberals are spinning it very differently from reality. They said Bush just shoved lobbyists in there so he filled them up quick! Who says Libs don't see the glass as half full? :-)

  4. Falling Polls aren't his only concern. He now has to deal with Tax Day Tea Party Protesters across America. 40 cities and tens of thousands of attendants for a first ever attempt. If they do this every year and their attendance grows the Liberal Fundamentalist Movement could have a real problem on their hands.

  5. The MSM will not cover the Tax Day Tea Party Protesters unless they depict them as nut jobs. The Messiah has the media in his hip pocket more than any other liberal in history. They will do all the damage control for the White House as they can.