Monday, March 23, 2009

The criminal's view on gun control

This is a video about gun control and the effects that it would have on everyday Americans. If you think it can't happen in the United States then just sit back and do nothing. If the Liberals in congress and the White House are left with unchecked power, your Second Amendment rights could be a thing of history.

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  1. Great video, and a great message as well.
    Let me go ahead and put it out there now, this homeowner is armed, and from where I sit now, I can put my hands on at least 2 loaded weapons without taking a step.

  2. Thanks for the comment and it is good to know that you are armed and ready. This video reminds me of an A&E story I watched over the weekend about the Original Night Stalker and a meeting the public had one night about the killer. One man stood up and was dumbfounded by the fact that the husbands could not protect their wifes from this rapist/murderer.
    The Night Stalker must been present at that meeting because he paid that man and his wife a visit that very night and raped his wife. He was not armed to protect his wife.
    If you get a chance to watch that A&E story, do so. I will try to find a link. Stay tuned!

  3. Outstanding. Love the scroll of "advocacy partners" at the start.

  4. I saw this video a few years back - and it is still, if not more, relevant today than ever before.

  5. Yes, let's let all the crazy people carry guns. We see how guns have bettered out country in the last 30 years. Oh wait, we have the highest rate of gun crimes in the world.

    The people who cry about needing to have their gun to protect them are usually the ones who either hurt themselves or someone important around them.

  6. The "crazy" people that you mention already have the guns. All states that have enacted conceal-carry laws have lowered crime rates. Because Texas respects the 2nd. Amendment, I will be able to stop the people that would like to take my life, liberty and property away from me. I do not see how you liberals think the way you do. It amazes the mind.