Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senator Dodd's story keeps changing: Blames Obama

Thanks to one of my readers (Pro) for tipping me off to this breaking story video. It seems that Sen. Dodd can't keep his story straight from day to day. Now he seems to be blaming the Obama Administration to save his own ass. This Democratic sitcom gets better and better and I just can't wait for the next shoe to drop. I really wish the media would treat these guys like they treat the Republicans. Sit back and grab a cold beer and see who gets thrown under the bus next.

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  1. You know...I'm not one to generally sit around and gloat - but - BWAHAHAHAHA! Freakin' idiots. I sure hope the American people are beginning to wake up to the incompetence up there in D.C.

  2. It's funny, this is going to get much uglier. I'm popping some popcorn and enjoying the show. This is going to happen a lot over the next 4 years.