Sunday, March 1, 2009

An eloquent explanation of Conservatism

If you missed the speeches at CPAC 2009, then you missed some
great conservatives explaining our cause. I will link some of the speeches so that you can enjoy some common sense oratory.

Rush Limbaugh Part 2.
Limbaugh Part 3.
Limbaugh Part 4.
Limbaugh Part 5.
Limbaugh Part 6.
Limbaugh Part 7.
Limbaugh Part 8.
Limbaugh Part 9.
Limbaugh Part 10.

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  1. I am now convinced more than ever that having decided some umpteen years ago that listening to, or watching Rush Limbaugh was a total waste of time was a very wise decision.

    I remember seeing Limbaugh for the first time ever a long time ago on ABC's Nightline. The discussion concerned the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica. That fact was well-documented and photographed and there was absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there was a hole in the Ozone layer in that area.

    Limbaugh insisted that there was no hole, of course. That was a long time ago and I haven't been able to regain any respect for him. What an ass...

    Amazing how he manages to appeal and convince all of the room temperature IQ types that he is their savior...
    End of rant!

  2. Politicus-Thanks for the comment as I welcome all civil opinions in this blog.

  3. I've heard all over the news and from all the liberals I know that Rush's speech was "garbage," "pointless," "an echo through a familiar cave," etc.

    I ask the question, "What didn't you like about the speech?"

    The answer's always, "It's typical Rush," or something to that extent. Once I ask again, "well, what... particularly... didn't you like," I'm met with a look of confusion, as if to say, "Oh, you mean I was supposed to listen before I made an opinion?"

    And such is America.

    I'm currently writing my rant on all the news coverage I've watched for the past 3 days. I cannot believe the stark contrast between networks. It's the same America; or at least I thought so.

  4. What I didn't like? If I closed my eyes, I heard the same arguments both sides have been using for years and years now.

    Also, the double standard Rush sometimes employed. Calling Biden a bigot but we all know Rush's past of some questionable remarks.

    It was entertainment at it's finest. Good speech by Rush, but a lot of entertainment. The fact people are still talking about it is a testament to that.