Saturday, March 28, 2009

Obama and his pre-911 mindset

The Obama Administration is going back to a pre-911 mindset that will further our chances of a spectacular terror attack against the United States. This Administration will no longer use the phrase, “war on terror” and will instead use the liberal correct phrase, “overseas contingency operations." President Obama no longer refers to the terrorists at Camp Gitmo as Enemy Combatants as they will soon be living and planning the next terror attack in your neighborhood. Mr. Obama is planning to release some of the terrorists within our borders and give them government assistance to start a new life. So I guess the liberals now want a terrorist bailout?

Mr. Obama is planning to cut our military defense budget and trade away our missile defense shield to the Nu-Soviets in trade for international acceptance. I have stated before that Obama will make Jimmy Carter look like Rambo when this is all said and done. To placate the Muslims of the world, Obama plans to visit two mosques in his upcoming foreign travels, which is symbolism over substance. Candidate Obama promised to havlks” with our enemies, Iran, Syria and North Korea, so that they would understand that we mean them no harm. How is that going Mr. Obama? North Korea is about to launch an ICBM over Japan and I have heard nothing from your Administration.

As we speak, the tyrants of the world have that famed four hour erection that can be caused by Viagra, but in this case, caused by Obama. They see Obama as weak as they did Clinton and will act accordingly. If Obama had any balls, he would use that “unproven” missile defense technology and blow that N. Korean missile out of the sky. If Mr. Obama would do that, I would be his biggest supporter and have some confidence in his Commander-in-Chief skills.

The liberals and Obama seem to have this misconception that there is not a Global War on Terror and it is all just a misunderstanding. I am going to list some headlines of recent news stories and you tell me there is not a war against Islamo-Facist terrorism.

-Taliban militants are making ever bigger and more sophisticated bombs.

-Taliban suicide bomber kills 50

-Taliban suicide bomber kills 11

-Al Qaeda trained Britons return from Pakistan.

-Bin Laden urges Jihad against new Somali Government

-TWENTY Muslim separatists and seven soldiers have been killed in fighting in the southern Philippines.

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  1. I truly believe that when the terrorists come knocking on the white house door, Obama will have sandwiches and soft drinks, and a designer white flag to wave for them.
    Why obama is allowed to get away with these things is beyond me, but as bad as it sounds, another attack is coming, and he has no idea what to do about it
    I must give you a thumbs up on your never forget tribute on the left of your page, I may add one as well.

  2. That is great and so true! Voices like ours need to be heard during these times. Thank you so much for speaking out and updating this blog regularly. I have a conservative blog but am having trouble updating it on a daily basis. I love your blog! Keep it up!

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  4. George did not know what to do about attacks either. Its obvious because he could not prevent the one that did happen. Even though he was warned about it in advance. When you go into other countries and make enemies, an attack is imminent no matter who is sitting in the oval office.

  5. You state that Bush was warned in advance and your right, there were briefings that said a threat could come from the skies. How can you stop such a vague threat? Clinton should taken Osama out when he had the chance and he had about three chances to do it.

  6. Can't tell ya what a load I think this all is, Seriously, FBI HQ was notified by thier own field supervisor that the attack was comming and FBI HQ blew him off! Then the guy who blew the call most likley, Dave Frasca, got promoted. I mean rally how can you buy all this fear mongering. Do the math, read the commision report. I mean with more than an hour after the planes started crashing our military was not able to defend the Pentagon! Come on.

  7. Anonymous, I invite all comments at this blog except from someone that doesn't have the balls to leave their name. I have had people call me names and threaten me, but cowards that do not leave their name get no respect here. If you are indeed smarter than the rest of us, please leave your name with your comments.