Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dirty Little Secret of the Australian Gun Control Law

When you hear politicians like Barack Obama praise the gun control policies of Australia, you need to be concerned. They talk glowingly about the buyback program in Australia, but they leave out a crucial fact. They omit the fact that the buyback program was mandatory.....As in government SEIZURES of certain weapons.

The 1996 "National Firearms Buyback Scheme" seized 660,959 long guns, mostly semi-automatic rimfire rifles (hunting rifles) and shotguns as well as pump-action shotguns, and a smaller proportion of higher powered or military type (AR-15 type) semi-automatic rifles.

The payments from the Commonwealth for the buyback program were conditional on the States and Territories introducing firearms laws and regulations consistent with the National Firearms Agreement. No licenses for SELF-DEFENSE are allowed under these laws.

The 2003 handgun buyback seized about 50,000 licensed target pistols. New handgun laws made illegal target pistols of greater than .38 caliber and handguns with barrels less than 120mm (semi-automatic) or 100mm (revolvers) such as pocket pistols. Paintball guns are even restricted in Australia. Paintball guns are considered as a 'Category A' weapon and a "Genuine Reason" must be provided to own a Category A firearm.

If the United States were to implement the Australian gun control method, it would violate the Second Amendment. If politicians and gun control advocates tell you they want the Aussie gun control policies, they are telling you they want to seize your weapons. They don't want to seize anti-tank weapons or flame throwers, no, they want your hunting rifles, shotguns and most handguns.

When Australia mandated their citizens to turn over their weapons, do you think the criminals complied? Hell no they didn't. Law abiding Aussies were the ones that were disarmed and the crackheads and murderers kept their weapons.

The next time you hear someone tell you that we should adopt the common sense Aussie gun control policies, ask them if they are in favor of gun confiscation. Many of those proclaiming to want this policy may not know the details. However, I can assure you Barack Obama knows the details and he is on record saying he favors such a policy.

I can just hear the Democrats as they debate an American version of the Aussie plan...we have to pass the law to see what's in it. And after we see what's in it, we're screwed.

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