Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What defines "victory" for Israel

With the international outcry of the pacifists of the world, Israel is once again being forced into a corner that will spell its defeat. The current "cease fire" accord being passed around is the work of the French and Egyptians and demands for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the terrorists. The UN resolution that stopped the Second Lebanese War allowed Hizbullah to rearm under the auspice of the UN. These worthless resolutions do not and will not promote peace. Any meaningful peace accord must have two partners that are willing to dance. Radical Muslim terrorists only dance around the truth and are unwilling partners for peace.

If there is any doubt in the willingness of Hamas to abide by any peace accord, let us take a look at their charter. Article 13. "There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility." The Hamas charter also calls for the destruction of Israel and they have refused to alter it to this day. Hamas and other radical Islamists will never abide by any peace accord with Zionists and or Christians. They raise their future little terrorists to hate everything that is non-Muslim and proudly send them to martyrdom and the 72 ugly virgins.

Anything less than a full defeat of Hamas by Israel will be a defeat for PM Olmert. If history is any guide, Israel will agree to some worthless resolution that will allow Hamas to rearm and fight another day. Israel holds all the cards in this morass and should play them accordingly. Any truce should demand the following:
International troops would be deployed in and around Gaza.
The immediate return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit.
Any missile and/or other terrorist activity will be dealt with a massive military response by Israel.

Hamas has rejected any form of International troops to monitor Gaza and rejected the PA from monitoring the crossings. Why do you think Hamas would be against international monitors? Hamas are masters of faking deaths of children and innocents and that would be harder to do with international monitors. It is easy to fake and promote collateral damage when you have the UN staff and AP reporters who gladly promote Hamas propaganda. The ideal situation would be to give Gaza back to Egypt and the West Bank to the Jordanians. The Palestinians have proven that they are unable to provide for themselves and produce jobs for their people.

Israel has done everything to avoid collateral damage and Hamas has done everything to inflict collateral damage. America and Western nations should support Israel in their fight to protect themselves from terrorists. Some Arab countries are turning against this fecal matter called Hamas and that is a positive result coming from the Middle East. I urge Prime Minister Olmert to ignore the pacifists of the world and inflict a massive blow to Hamas. Anything less than victory or an iron clad accord will be seen as a failure. Mr. Olmert, you already have one defeat on your resume, let us not have another.

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  1. I wonder why the mainstream media NEVER mentions that HAMAS ended the cease fire with a barrage of rockets.

    Proportionality is a stupid argument.

    May Israel's aim be true and may as many Hamas be sent to the virgins as possible.

  2. Penchanga, You are correct in your assesment of the international media and their bias against Israel. The AP is one of the worst in their siding with the terrorists. I am proud of PM Olmert at this point in his refusal of the demands of the UN and the ceasefire that they want to impose. Stay tuned!

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  4. I don't question your heartfelt belief that Israel is justified in its actions, but I would urge you to pause and just think about a couple of things. And please understand I am not defending Hamas here, I'm simplypresenting a perspective that many hawks fail to listen to:

    1. Hamas is not just a terrorist organisation. That it certainly us, but unfortunately it also carries out a lot of social work in the Palestinian territories (especially education social welfare). Many Palestinians are sympathetic with Hamas for precisely this reason... when Israel bombs their homes, it is often Hamas (or Hezbollah in Lebanon) who rebuilds them. You cannot understand the Palestinian mindset if you treat Hamas solely as a terrorist organisation.

    2. Hamas may be masters of propaganda, but that does not mean Palestinian children are not dieing. You have to accept the reality that of the 1,300 odd deaths, all aid agencies are universally saying hundreds were children. You yourself have children. Just try to understand the effect this has on the Palestinians, and why Israel evokes such hatred.

    3. Israel cannot, and has not, won this war based on its own aims. It said that it will consider a halt of rocket attacks a success, but after Hamas' ceasefire two rockets were fired. And you can bet more will come. As long as their is resentment against Israel the rockets will keep coming (they are very easy to build - a handful of guys can do it), so to win this war Israel needs a social and not simply a military solution.

    I'm sure this won't have changed your mind, but I'm just presenting the other side of the coin.

    Look at it this way: this war has raged for 60 years. If it was as simple as 'Israel is right, the Arabs are wrong' then a solution would have been found decades ago. It's not that simple. It's hugely complex and BOTH sides are at fault, so people should stop offering their unilateral support to Israel.

    The only way Israel can win militarily is by wiping out all 3.5 million Palestinians. Assuming you're not advocating that, you must accept that simply dropping bombs will not resolve this problem.

    All is does is kill children, and encourage a new generation to join Hamas.

  5. River, You present valid arguments and I do respect your views. You are correct that Hamas and Hezbollah carry out social work for their masses, but I would argue that this is done for the purpose of wining the hearts and minds of the populace to recruit future terrorists. Children were killed in Operation Cast Lead but the blame can be pinned on Hamas as they use the innocents as "human shields."

    Hamas were killing and wounding Fatah members during operation Cast Lead and I see no mention from the world community in this regard. If Hamas would quit throwing missiles towards Israel there would be no war and the crossings would be open. I wish that Egypt would take control of Gaza and Jordan take control of the West Bank. Hamas and Fatah cannot or will not provide for their people.

    The Palestinians were offered 98% of what they were demanding during the Clinton administration and Yasser turned it down. They do not want peace; they want the destruction of Israel. The Palestinians are a welfare state and rely on the pacifists of the world to provide their daily rations. Do you see an operation cast lead in the West Bank?
    No, simply because Fatah knows that negations are the way to statehood.

    The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel and discounts any negations that provide peace. Do you really want Iran on the border with Israel? That is what is happening with the current situation. The UN condemns Israel when it should be condemning Hamas. No other country in the world (including France) would put up with the terrorism from the Gaza Strip

  6. Casey: I won't disagree with any of your criticism of Hamas. They are the Palestinians' worst enemy, and you're sadly right that their entire social welfare agenda is little more than an expedient way of prolonging their grip on power.

    My fundamental point remains the same though - whoever is at fault, simply dropping bombs will not solve the problem. When the war started I predicted the following: hundreds of innocents will die; Israel will destroy its public image; a shaky ceasefire will be declared; and in a few months time the whole cycle will repeat itself. So far that is exactly what's happening.

    Hamas' terrorists are morons for provoking Israel; but Israeli politicians are also morons for playing right into their hands. Also, many hawks claim that the UN never condemns Hamas, but that is not true at all:

    The reason the international community spends more time condemning Israel is simply because Israel killed 100 Arabs for every one Jew that was killed in this conflict. Those numbers are just harrowing.

    PS It's refreshing to visit a right-wing blog where opposing views are welcomed and engaged with constructively. I wish Jihad Watch / the Gateway Pundit would follow your example!

  7. River, As you would agree, there are no simple answers to a feud that has lasted thousands of years. We may disagree with the path that is to be taken in the Middle East but I do think our goals are the same-Peace between the Israelis and differing Muslim sects. I do encourage discourse in the arena of ideas as long as we can refrain from ad hominem attacks. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. River-
    I do not mean to imply that you resorted to ad hominem attacks quite the opposite actually.

  9. Casey - don't worry, I didn't infer that you meant that at all! You're absolutely right to single out ad hominem attacks as being the biggest stumbling block to reaching a resolution.

    I have been called an "antisemite" on pro-Israeli blogs, and a "Jewish Nazi" (interesting concept!) on pro-Arab blogs. Both are merediversionary tactics to avoid engaging in a debate.

    It's great to see that the Conservative Cloakroom operates on a different level. I'll keep stopping by :)

  10. My uncle, an extremely proud yet tortured veteran of Nam, sums it up: "The only downside about life is that people die; whereas the only downside about war is they don't die fast enough."

    I guess a comment from a rambling vet can be taken with salt or disected for meaning - whichever fits. But to me, it's tragically true. Thousands of years to try and still we haven't accomplished peace. But what has been accomplished is new ways to make more people die faster.

    I guess the irony here is that the end-all for wars will be the end-all for earth.

    Ahh, I'm on about nothing. Just wanted to comment after reading. :)