Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Live well and hold your head high Mr. President

These last eight years have been a bumpy ride to say the least. You came into office with an inherited recession and just a mere nine months later the country was hit by 19 Muslim terrorists. The financial cost to the country of that September morning totaled almost one trillion dollars. With the financial and emotional effects of an ongoing recession and the terrorist attacks, you kept your promise to cut the nations taxes. The Democrats screamed that we could not afford tax cuts when in reality the nation could ill afford ‘not’ to have tax cuts. The American economy responded with more money coming into the treasury not seen since the Reagan era.
You first took the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan with an outstanding victory in toppling the Taliban regime. You then targeted Iraq because of their financial support for terrorists, offering rewards for captured American and British airmen and their past enjoyment of using chemical agents on their own people. Much has been said of the fact that we did not find as many chemical and biological weapons as the international intelligence community once thought they may have possessed. Little is said about the tons of yellow cake uranium and the artillery shells loaded with mustard and sarin gas that have been found in Iraq. Little has been reported about how the Saddam Hussein regime planned to reconstitute their chemical, biological and nuclear industries once the UN restrictions were lifted. Have mistakes been made in our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Sure, but show me a war that has been waged where mistakes have not been made. Mr. President, you have liberated more than fifty million people and kept Americans’ safe here at home and for that I thank you.
You promised to appoint conservative Supreme Court nominees and boy did you deliver. With the additions of Roberts and Alito, you have righted the ship of the Supreme Court that was adrift toward the left. You promised to invest in missile defense to protect our country from rouge nations that might be willing to lob an ICBM or two our way. Thanks to you Mr. President, we will now have interceptor missiles in Europe to protect our cities. You did not back down from that Nu-Soviet Putin and his threats or the American liberals that were against our protection. When it came to the protection of our country, you have stood firm and withstood so much unfair criticism. The liberals have accused you of war crimes and treated you as the enemy instead of focusing on the true enemy. It can be said that you fought two wars during your term in office-The war against Muslim extremism and the war against liberal extremism. The liberals most definitely cost America time, money and American lives with their opposition to the war on terror.
The end of your term was tarnished by the financial collapse that was created by liberals as far back as the Carter administration. You and other fellow Republicans brought attention to the inadequate practices of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac early in your term. Had the Democrats rejected the idea of pressuring banks and loaning institutions from lending money to people who could not pay it back could have prevented this morass. The idea of leveling the economic playing field by lending money to people with no money, no job or good credit history just boggles the mind. While I may have had some policy disagreements with your administration, I would still like to thank you for your tremendous service to the cause of freedom and the protection of our country. Live well and hold your head high because I do think history will be kind to you. Welcome back to the Great State of Texas Mr. President.

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