Friday, January 16, 2009

The clock is ticking on Communist leaders

Some sources are claiming that Fidel Castro is dead or on his way. I know that we have heard this before but Spanish sources that are supposedly in the know say this time it is for real. El Pias newspaper in Spain noted that Wednesday there were apparent movements at the Armed Forces and Interior Ministry and further stated the Castro suffered a "possible" heart attack. Even though Fidel has been rarely seen since his operation, he has kept in touch with the Cuban masses with his daily propaganda articles that he wrote while bedridden. Another clue as to what may be occurring in the island paradise, Argentine mad man Chavez stated last week that Castro "will remain in our memories." That is a telling clue in of itself.

I do think when Fidel finally assumes room temperature, Raul Castro will open up a little bit more in regards to some minor freedoms and agriculture reforms. The time may be ripe for a thaw to occur between the US and Cuba with the new incoming administration. President Obama will most likely attempt to engage Cuba and President Raul Castro will welcome such a "change." The Cubans are in great need of outside help after last years hurricane season destroyed much of the island. This approach will be less risky for Obama and the Democrats as they are less beholden to Florida's Cuban exiles as the Republicans would be.

It has also been reported that Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has finally named a successor in the event he joins his father, Stalin, Pol Pot and other former Communists in the pits of hell. The Straits Times is reporting that Kim has nominated his third son, Kim Jong Un, as successor and informed the Communist Party leadership of his choice. South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports that "the nomination of Mr. Kim Jong Un was totally unexpected." In my post "North Korean leader Kim Jong Il could be history" in September, I predicted that Kim and or the Communist Politburo would place Kim the younger as the new leader. If you understand that the two older sons have been "tainted" by Western nations, it no surprise at all that Kim chose his youngest son.

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