Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Governor Christie, Ann Romney and Ted Cruz speaking at Republican Convention

Great speeches tonight from Ann Romney, Governor Chris Christie and the next Senator from the Great State of Texas Ted Cruz.

Transcript of Christie speech:

Transcript of Ann Romney speech: 

Excerpts from Reagan's 1980 acceptance speech that are apropos today. 

"I will not stand by and watch this great country destroy itself under mediocre leadership that drifts from one crisis to the next, eroding our national will and purpose. We have come together here because the American people deserve better from those to whom they entrust our nation's highest offices, and we stand united in our resolve to do something about it."

"The first Republican president once said, "While the people retain their virtue and their vigilance, no administration by any extreme of wickedness or folly can seriously injure the government in the short space of four years. If Mr. Lincoln could see what's happened in these last three-and-a-half years, he might hedge a little on that statement." 

"First, we must overcome something the present administration has cooked up: a new and altogether indigestible economic stew, one part inflation, one part high unemployment, one part recession, one part runaway taxes, one party deficit spending and seasoned by an energy crisis. It's an economic stew that has turned the national stomach."

"High taxes, we are told, are somehow good for us, as if, when government spends our money it isn't inflationary, but when we spend it, it is."

"America must get to work producing more energy. The Republican program for solving economic problems is based on growth and productivity. Large amounts of oil and natural gas lay beneath our land and off our shores, untouched because the present administration seems to believe the American people would rather see more regulation, taxes and controls than more energy."

And one of the best lines that applies today: 
"Can anyone look at the record of this administration and say, "Well done?" Can anyone compare the state of our economy when the Carter Administration took office with where we are today and say, "Keep up the good work?" Can anyone look at our reduced standing in the world today and say, "Let's have four more years of this?" 
I believe the American people are going to answer these questions the first week of November and their answer will be, "No--we've had enough." And, then it will be up to us--beginning next January 20th--to offer an administration and congressional leadership of competence and more than a little courage."

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama's America 2016 expands to 1,075 theaters. Complete list of theaters and times of showings.

The documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” will be expanding to 1,075 theaters this weekend, much to the chagrin of the Obama regime.  Obama's America is already the number two grossing documentary of 2012 with a gross of $2 million nationwide.  It's being reported that many online movie listing sites and local news papers are not listing the times of showings, or are just not listing the location of the movie at all.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that some in Hollywood are stumped by the amount of business the documentary did at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 in lower Manhattan, situated in a liberal neighborhood where films from the likes of Moore have done huge business.  Hollywood Reporter goes on to state that Obama's America was the No. 3 film of the weekend behind The Dark Knight and Totall Recall at Union Square, prompting at least one film executive to joke that people must have thought it was a pro-Obama documentary (New York is the No. 1 city when it comes to the amount of giving to the Obama campaign).

Follow this link if you want a listing of all the theaters that will be showing Obama's America 2016. 

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Former Clinton White House Chief of staff praises Ryan budget.

Former Clinton White House Chief of staff praises Congressman Paul Ryan's proposed budget.  Erskine Bowles served as White House Chief of staff from 1997-1998 and is known for being the Democratic co-chair for President Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.  President Clinton appointed Bowles to head the Small Business Administration in 1993 and then Bowles served as Clinton's   White House Deputy Chief of Staff, before becoming the Chief of staff in 1997.

In the video below Mr. Bowles states, “Have any of you all met Paul Ryan? We should get him to come to the university. I’m telling you this guy is amazing. ... He is honest, he is straightforward, he is sincere. And the budget that he came forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, serious budget and it cut the budget deficit just like we did, by $4 trillion. … The president as you remember, came out with a budget and I don’t think anybody took that budget very seriously. The Senate voted against it 97 to nothing." 

This is a pretty strong endorsement from a prominent Democrat and his quote will no doubt end up in a Romney ad.  I doubt the mainstream Obama media will report this endorsement because it doesn't fit their narrative and it may hamper their efforts to re-elect Barack Obama.


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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ted Cruz sails past Dewhurst for giant victory!

Tonight’s victory by Ted Cruz just goes to show money can't always buy what you want.  Lite Governor Dewhurst loaned his campaign nearly $25 million during this campaign just so he could claim the title of Senator.  It is amazing that a candidate with virtually no name recognition could out raise a sitting Lt. Governor and then trounce him in a runoff election.  This illustrates one important point.  Texans are sick and tired of moderate Republicans that claim to be Conservative when election time rolls around.  David Dewhurst threw everything but the Battleship Texas at Ted Cruz, but the voters saw this sham for what is was.

Ted Cruz, the longest serving Solicitor General in Texas history, will now face former Democratic state Rep. Paul Saddler in the November match up.  Mr. Saddler beat perennial candidate Grady Yarbrough to capture the Democratic Party nomination.  It must be pointed out that no Democrat has been elected to statewide office in Texas since 1994.  That being said, Ted Cruz can most likely start measuring the drapes for his new office.    I can only imagine the jubilation Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz’s father) must feel right about now.  Rafael journeyed from communist Cuba to the United States with only $100 sewn into his underwear.  Now he has the opportunity to see his son serve in the United States Senate.

I would like to congratulate Ted Cruz for a fine campaign and I hope he will make all Conservatives (Texas and beyond) very proud.  There is a real chance that Barack Obama gets re-elected and if that nightmarish scenario actually occurs, we will need people like Ted Cruz to fend off Obama’s socialist agenda.  Gird your loins; November will be an exciting time and one that will shape America's future for decades to come.      

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