Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ted Cruz sails past Dewhurst for giant victory!

Tonight’s victory by Ted Cruz just goes to show money can't always buy what you want.  Lite Governor Dewhurst loaned his campaign nearly $25 million during this campaign just so he could claim the title of Senator.  It is amazing that a candidate with virtually no name recognition could out raise a sitting Lt. Governor and then trounce him in a runoff election.  This illustrates one important point.  Texans are sick and tired of moderate Republicans that claim to be Conservative when election time rolls around.  David Dewhurst threw everything but the Battleship Texas at Ted Cruz, but the voters saw this sham for what is was.

Ted Cruz, the longest serving Solicitor General in Texas history, will now face former Democratic state Rep. Paul Saddler in the November match up.  Mr. Saddler beat perennial candidate Grady Yarbrough to capture the Democratic Party nomination.  It must be pointed out that no Democrat has been elected to statewide office in Texas since 1994.  That being said, Ted Cruz can most likely start measuring the drapes for his new office.    I can only imagine the jubilation Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz’s father) must feel right about now.  Rafael journeyed from communist Cuba to the United States with only $100 sewn into his underwear.  Now he has the opportunity to see his son serve in the United States Senate.

I would like to congratulate Ted Cruz for a fine campaign and I hope he will make all Conservatives (Texas and beyond) very proud.  There is a real chance that Barack Obama gets re-elected and if that nightmarish scenario actually occurs, we will need people like Ted Cruz to fend off Obama’s socialist agenda.  Gird your loins; November will be an exciting time and one that will shape America's future for decades to come.      

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