Monday, January 16, 2012

Obama throws temper tantrum, cancels Austere Challenge 12 with Israel.

The Obama administration cancels the US-Israeli Austere Challenge 12 war-games that was scheduled to begin this Spring because of  disagreements with Israel.  Obama is said to be furious at Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon when Ya'alon rightly expressed Israels disappointment with Obama's efforts to prevent Iranian nuclearization.  Austere Challenge 12” was designed to improve defense systems and cooperation between the United States and Israeli forces and was to include 9,000 US troops.

This latest show of weakness by the Obama administration follows Obama blaming Israel for the recent assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist.  The impuissant American President has gone out of his way to place the blame for covert actions inside Iran squarely on the Israeli Mossad and has exposed Obama's animosity towards the Israeli leadership in the process.  President Barack Obama has sought to distance the US/Israeli historical relationship since his election in  2008 in an effort to appease Arabs.

In a feeble effort to rationalize the canceling of the Austere Challenge war-games, the Obama administration has stated it was canceled because of "budgetary constraints."  When has this President ever canceled anything because of budgetary constraints?  The United Kingdom and France has once again taken the lead role in confronting our common enemy, while Obama continues to "lead from behind."  The Persians see this gap in leadership and this gap will only embolden the Iranians to take offensive actions they might not consider if the world had a strong American President....a strong American President that backs Israel.    

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Hampshire election workers allow "dead" people to vote

The Daily Caller posted a video today that shows how easy it is to commit voter fraud if one so desired.  Conservative activist and film maker James O'Keefe investigated how simple it was to actually obtain a ballot by using the name of a dead person in the "Live Free or Die" state.  If you are a voter in New Hampshire, you are NOT required to show an ID to prove who you are when you vote.  As of September 2011, only thirty US states require some form of ID to vote, which provides many opportunities for voter fraud.

Attorney General Eric Holder and other Liberals claim voter ID laws are forms of "racism" and are enacted only to prevent black Americans from voting.  The Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, has launched an all-out Jihad on states that have enacted voter ID laws.  In setting a precedent, the United States Supreme Court has upheld (2008) Indiana's voter ID law, which requires voters to present a valid government issued ID to cast a ballot.  Yet, the New Black Panther sympathizing Eric Holder has blocked South Carolina's voter ID law and will no doubt go after other states that enact such laws.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (AKA Baghdad Bob) has accused Republicans of "wanting to literally drag us back to Jim Crow laws."  As a side note, it was the Democratic Party that imposed racist Jim Crow Laws, but nevertheless the Liberals will do or say anything they can to prevent sensible voter ID laws.  The Left has used voter fraud to turn many close elections over the years and in many ways it's the only way they can get elected.  When ACORN was exposed for the frauds they are, the Obamanistas took a direct hit in their voter fraud efforts and voter ID laws pose yet another challenge to those efforts.  In the words of the Daily Caller, the reality is Eric Holder's actions are not focused on protecting voting rights. They are instead intended to make sure that Barack Obama wins re-election.     

Hats off to James O'Keefe and the Daily Caller for exposing this glaring weak link in our voting laws.  



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