Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama's support for the 'Occupy' movement is telling

Why would any voter support an American President that voiced support for the anti-capitalist, Jew hating, socialist loving Occupy movement?  Barack Obama even went so far as to say "you’re (Occupy Movement) the reason I ran for office in the first place.”  Many leaders in the Democratic Party have voiced support for these dregs and attacked the peaceful Tea Party protests that preceded the 'Occupy' movement.  

The 'Occupy' thugs plan on disrupting traffic and commerce on the East and West coasts to celebrate May Day (International Workers' Day) and what do we get from the White House?  We get an Obama speech that is filled with class warfare rhetoric.  In many ways the modern day Democratic Party is the Occupy movement.  The Democratic Party is filled with socialists that share a disdain for capitalism.  The Democratic Party is filled with people (The Black Panthers, Union thugs, Eco-nuts) that think violence is okay if it helps advance their cause.  

President Obama has mocked and attacked those that support the Tea Party.  What is the Tea Party?  The Tea Party is a group of patriotic Americans that want the government to practice fiscal responsibility and adhere to the Constitution of the United States.  The Tea Party is comprised of black, white, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish people that think they're taxed too much.  You didn't see rapes, murders and violence at their rallies like you do with the Occupy' movement.  It's very telling that Obama and other Democratic Party leaders support the Occupy movement while they ridicule the Tea Party.  Unless you're a card carrying member of the modern day Nationalist Socialist Democratic Party, your decision on who to vote for this November should be very simple.        


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