Friday, April 10, 2009

Liberal-Socialists in their own words

Liberal-Socialists are usually successful at hiding their true beliefs, but sometimes they let their words slip and show their true colors. These three videos are just a small example of their socialistic leanings and distaste for a strong foreign policy and traditional values. The Congressional Black Caucus that just returned from Cuba spoke glowingly of Fidel Castro and the Communist Cuban lifestyle. It seems that everyday Obama is in office, the more the liberals let their guard down and reveal who they really are. With the recent Rasmussen poll that reveals only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism it is no wonder that liberals feel more emboldened. I feel this country is on a crash course with the socialistic mistakes of the past. God help us!

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  1. I was currently in the middle of writing a post about Schumer's comments. He completely dismisses any value that isn't extremely progressive. I really do not understand how anyone can believe that these politicians hold the public's best interest. It's disturbing.

    What are the traditional values he's speaking of? Strong families? Working for a living? Faith? Hope (which, sorry to break it to you, libs, was an actual word used for centuries -- Obama didn't create it)? Personal responsibility?

    It's been my theory all along that these progressive liberals DO NOT stand for ANYTHING. They simply stand opposite of what they feel most people do. It's like they're on the fringe of this spectacular movement and they're gaining a full head of steam and finally drowning out what's been wrong with this country. When, all along, it's their views that have been wrong for this country.

    Ironically, traditional values - such as religious values - are important in a very large percentage of the minority population. And as we've touched on briefly before, these scum-of-the-earth liberals have been doing everything in their power to trick minorities into believing that conservative Whitey is the devil (even though the racist white people way back when were.... LIBERALS!)and that they don't need "our" values.

    Casey, if they won't wake up after hearing the truth from these politicians' own mouths, I'm not sure there's hope of it ever happening! I too am fearful of my country's future. And if that puts me in the same "crazy" category as guys like Glenn Beck -- so be it.

  2. Hi, I am all for guys like Glenn Beck an we need the information they bring out in front of the American people. When the American people have questions, and the government does not give answers - it is a worrisome situation. The conspiracy talks are stating to hold more water. Maybe there is more truth to the Bilderberg meetings (elites), Council on Foreign Affairs and the Tri-Lateral group - for one world government. It is all pointing in that direction. First you tear down the financial system (Wall Street and banks), get as much of the government's hands in the ownership of the commercial pie, get the people to believe they need what you have (whatever it is you tell them they need), all the while pushing for courts to state that we need International law when deciding case law; baby you are there (One World Government).