Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you United States Navy!

I would like to thank the men and women sailors of the USS Bainbridge for finishing the job they were presented with. The Commander of the destroyer showed great leadership and quick decision making abilities that allowed our Navy SEALS to send three Muslim pirates to their 72 virgins. I would also like to thank President Obama for doing his job as Commander-in-Chief. Mr. Obama, in the future, I would ask that you allow the Military to react to this violence without your signature and allow them to do their jobs sooner. You do not need to micro manage our Military because our armed forces have the best commanders in the world.

It may appear that I am not giving true credit to Mr. Obama. I am giving Obama his credit because he could have "not" allowed our military to do the jobs their trained to do. I pretty much expected him to offer the pirates some counseling and maybe a bailout and a new Koran. Mr. President, you really could have shown some major leadership and blown the North Korean missile out of the air several weeks ago when you had the chance. You will probably have more chances in the future.

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