Friday, April 24, 2009

"We will never forget" has been forgotten: The third Jihad

In the days that followed September 11, 2001, the slogan "we will never forget" was everywhere the eye could see. That defiant slogan was adorned on bumper stickers, tee shirts, car magnets and patriotic photos that hung in office cubicles. Even today, I still see an occasional faded car magnet that is emblazoned with that motto. How things change in eight short years. American memories have faded much like that weathered car magnet in regards to our war on terror with Islamo-Fascism. The war on terror is now referred to as an overseas contingent operation and an act of terror is referred as a man made catastrophe. President Obama recently returned from his overseas apology tour and acted as if Americans were responsible for the world’s ills.

The slogan that followed the Shoah after World War II was "never again" and even that seems to have faded from memory as the world allows the Persian Nazi to obtain nuclear weapons. Watch the 4 short videos about the third Jihad and refresh your memory about the enemy we still face. Even though Obama and his liberal cohorts want to forget what happened on that day in September and deny the war on terror does not make it go away. We may not be at war with them but they are still at war with us. The same way is was September 10, 2001. A pre-911 mindset.

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  1. 9/11 was like a movie in more ways than one. Most people saw its incredible visual form unfold on TV, so on a cognitive level they just bunch it with special effects-heavy Hollywood films. For whatever reason (possibly fear, possibly disbelief) lots of us seem more comfortable with classifying 9/11 in a fictional, did-it-really-happen kind of sense. It's just easier than facing up to the reality of what actually happened.

    I was in Manhattan on 9/11. I may have just been a British kid on vacation, but it had a profound and lasting effect on me. It's a shame that people who insist that the terror threat is 'made up' didn't share that experience.