Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your questions about Islamic-Radicalism

I am asking my readers to help Dr. Hamid (Author of Inside Jihad) with his new book and to submit your questions that relate to Islamic Radicalism. This is the email that Dr. Hamid sent me in his quest to write to the best book possible that will help our intelligence community direct their foreign policy analysis.

Dear Friends
I am in the process of preparing a Questions and Answers Book (Q&A book) to help people in the Intelligence, Military, Diplomatic, business, and other related fields to understand the phenomenon of Radical Islam.

I need to collect the most important questions that are in people’s minds in relation to Islamic Radicalism.

All what I need is that you send me the top 1-3 Questions that are in your mind about Radical Islam.

After I collect the questions I will write the answers and make both available in a book or/and Internet based formats (Q &A book for top 500 Questions on Radical Islam).

Also, please forward this request to your friends on your mailing list and they are more than welcome to send their 1-3 Questions to my e-mail address: or alternatively they can send the questions to you and then you can forward their questions to me.

I hope you realize the value and importance of this work and help me with collecting the questions so that I can provide a reference source to all people who defend our freedom and who want to solve the problem of Radical Islam.
The questions could be about any of the following fields:
Islam-Islamic culture- Sharia Law- Islamic Radicalism- terrorism- Muslim women- etc
My wife Maha will help me to put answers for questions related to Muslim women.

Please do send me any question in your mind about Islam or Radical Islam.

Ideally if you could write the name and the position or affiliation as well - as this will help me a lot to classify the questions.
Thanks in advance for assisting me create such a Q &A book about Radical Islam (Most Commonly Asked Questions about Radical Islam).
Any organization or individual that will significantly contribute to this work by helping me collecting the questions will be acknowledged and thanked for their contribution.

Warm regards and blessings
Tawfik Hamid

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