Thursday, April 16, 2009

Objective reporting of the tea parties?

Objective reporting by the main-stream media of the tea parties wouldn't you say? This CNN reporter looks like she bucking for a job in the Obama Administration. National coverage of the tea parties by the main-stream media was about what I expected but I think Gov. Huckabee said it best when he said that if you get five women wearing pink and protesting Bush then you would have 300 cameras following them.

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  1. I posted the same video on my blog, and maybe you noticed this:

    When the video first dropped, the title was "CNN Reporter Attacked at Tea Party," or something to that effect.

    I have to go back to YouTube and see who exactly had the change of heart. :-)

    If people yelling, "You're not a reporter," and "Let him talk" is considered "attacking," then it's no wonder why these Partygoers were considered to be radical racists on the fringe.

    I still can't understand how how CNN and MSNBC are on the air.

  2. What CNN reporter Susan Roesgen did at the tea party was out of line. However, it goes both ways in regards to members of the media showing bias. Sean Hannity's pathological criticism of President Obama (even going so far as to present only part of a story in order to push his agenda) is a prime example.

    By the way, do you consider the Fox News Channel a part of the mainstream media? If the Fox News Channel is as much a ratings giant as many of its on-air personalities say, that would make them the very definition of "mainstream media".

  3. The difference between Hannity and Roesgen is that Hannity doesn't pretend to be a hard-line reporter. He's a personality. There's a big difference. ... If Keith Olbermann would have done what this "reporter" did, it wouldn't have been worth mentioning. We all know he's a personality.

    Other than that, I won't blow up Casey's blog with a huge response. :-) ... But I do recall mentioning something about that "goes both ways" bit. It's drastically misleading and misrepresentative of the whole's context.

  4. Josh: I understand that there is a difference between a reporter and a commentator. :-) However, a personality should still show objectivity/integrity when airing their viewpoints. As for your next to last sentence in your 1st paragraph, if Keith Olbermann had done what Ms. Roesgen did, he would have been in a reporting capacity and just as wrong as she was.

  5. Following the Prez on Twitter now. Brilliant!

  6. CNN reporter was out of line about the "tea parties" and those folks who attended. My husband and I went to one in our town. It consisted of average hard working folks who are fed up with government's abuse of spending and power. The people at the protest carried signs that reflected that abuse we see now. For anyone to state that the demonstrations were nothing more than Obama bashing, Democratic party bashing or racist shows their ignorance and how out-of-touch they are with the American people.

    I am thankful we have Hannity, Beck, Rush L., and O'reilly (Fox). They are about the only voice conservatives have. I am a registered Republican and voted as such in the last election. However, party is not a big thing with me. My country is. I am FED up with big government and want to see it turned around. I cannot see the answer being Obama. We need more "tea parties" and more individual participation in what is happening to our country.