Sunday, November 30, 2008

Islam; Religion of peace?

I am starting to think that the world would be a lot better off without Muslims. Correction, I am not “starting to think”, I have thought this for a long time now and just mustered the strength to say it to the world. With the latest terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India by Muslim fascists, I see no condemnation from any Muslim groups. As a matter of fact, I never hear any condemnations from any “peaceful” Muslim groups or nations after the many terrorist attacks.

If these attacks were the work of Christians, Jews and/or Hindus, there would be a plethora of said groups denouncing such acts. There has hardly been a peep of discourse among Muslims since 9/11. We have heard from the main-stream media that Muslims have been targeted for discrimination and profiling since 9/11. They should be profiled; not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists seem to be Muslim.

I know it is politically correct to say that Muslims have a peaceful religion, but if you read what they believe, I would argue they are not. They never seem to denounce their brethren after some spectacular terrorist attack and they still stone to death women that claim rape and tolerate "honor killings" of their daughters. Read the news stories from the Middle East and tell me that practicing Muslims should not be condemned.

Do I suffer from xenophobia? No, I suffer from knowing what is really going on in the world.
A Pew Research Center poll discovered that 25% of U.S. Muslims favor suicide bombings in the name of Islam and a TimesOnline poll found that a full third of Muslim students favor killing in the name of Islam. Muslims seem not to care what goes on in the world that burnishes the image of their religion. The Muslim population silence is deafening. I do not want to sound like a Christian zealot, but I am starting to think that Islam is the anti-Christ that is mentioned in the Bible. I challenge Muslims to prove me wrong.
UPDATE: As of late Sunday, some media are reporting
that Muslims in the Middle-East are expressing
outrage at the latest terror attacks in India. I will retract
this post if it continues and expands.

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  1. I have to say, I disagree to a certain extent. I don't think that the world will be better off without Muslims. I think that it will be better off without hateful people. What is it was a group of black, white, or Asians? Will it be the world should be better off with that specific group? What if it was Christians or Jews, should the world be better off without that religion?

  2. As I mentioned in my post, if it were any other race or religion, there would be outrage from those groups. There seems to be little or no outrage from Muslim groups or nations. Do I dislike all Muslims? No, there are good Muslims that want to be apart of the world community. Muslim leaders can help shame the fascists by denouncing them. I seldom see or hear their condemnations. Do You?

  3. They will condemn specific acts, Casey, but they will not abjure the ayat which sanctify terrorism, 3:151, 8:12; the ayat which exemplify terrorism: 33:26, 59:2, 59:13 nor the hadith which brag about it: Bukhari 4.52.220.

    When they condemn "killing innocent people" they are condemning killing Muslims. They do not consider Christians innocent, they consider us kuffar: rebels against Allah, who are to be defeated and gathered into Hell. Visit and look up the tafsir of 5:33; examine the definition of "wage war against Allah".

    You will find the resources you need at Crusader's Armory. To see how they are used, visit or .

    Your judgment: the world would be better off without Islam is absolutely correct. Check out the petitions linked at Crusader's Armory!!!