Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama and missile defense

It has been leaked that Germany and Israel have developed a nuclear missile detection system that will decipher between decoy missiles and true nuclear tipped ICBM's. This system apparently can look through Soviet era and advanced ICBM's that fool radar with "dummy" warheads that hide the true identity of a nuke headed our way. Decoy warheads can overwhelm our current missile defense shield with the sheer multitude of likely targets.

According to sources, the system's infrared sensor has already been tested aboard a business jet and apparently the the sensor will be mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and works in conjunction with the Israeli Arrow anti-tactical ballistic missile system. At present, Israel has the advantage of a US high-resolution radar system that was deployed there a few months ago that will relay early warning of missiles being fired from Iran.

This technology will be an tremendous upgrade to our current missile defense system for the very fact that the Russian ICBM arsenal has a plethora of missiles with decoy warheads. My question is; Will a President Obama accept this new technology and infuse it with our current missile defense system or will he discard it because as he has stated that he will not support a missile defence system that is not proven. What does that mean?

Liberals have objected to our missile defense system that we have planned in Poland and the Czech Republic that protects Europeans and ourselves against rouge nations. Liberals have objected to the whole missile defense concept since Ronald Reagan first announced the idea in the 1980's. "Proven technology" is a code phrase that liberals use to oppose military expenditures as a way of not looking like the doves that they are.

The Russians are the first to test Mr. Obama in the foreign policy realm with their announcement that they will deploy the Skander-M short-range missiles if the agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic are confirmed. This is where I will judge the new President the harshest. If President Obama gives into the Russians in regards to our missile defense shield, the rest is history. Putin is testing President-elect Obama and I pray that Obama does not fail.

I read that liberals want Americans to give Obama an opportunity to succeed. I will give Obama that opportunity and if he fails and our country's national defense is at stake, I will be the first one to complain. The liberals never gave President Bush that honor. What is good for America is good for Bush and bad for liberals therefore they opposed President Bush even when our national interest was at stake.

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