Thursday, November 13, 2008

If I were President-Part 1

I came across a website that asks you what you would do if you were President of the United States and it had to be non-partisan in nature. This exercise assumes that my party controls both the House and a filibuster proof Senate or maybe just a benevolent dictator.


I would start drug testing all people on welfare and government assistance. First strike is a warning, second strike-offer free rehab and third strike your out of the system for five years. Mandatory community service for all people on welfare and government assistance unless they work at least 40 hours a week. Some exceptions would apply.

I would increase the penalties on American business's that hire illegal aliens where it is actually cost prohibitive for said companies and the fines would increase dramatically with every violation. With no jobs, illegal aliens have no source of income to send home and they will leave voluntarily. I would offer a seasonal work permit for Mexicans and other South Americans that would be strictly enforced as to when they arrive and when they leave and must be hosted by the company for which they will work.

I would increase the size of the military so we can effectively face the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. I would increase funding for future weapons projects with an emphasis on effective waste over site. I would end our funding for the United Nations and render them to the dustbin of history.

I would establish the fair-tax system that would actually make the tax code somewhat more fair and less complex. I would implement the "right to work" status in all 50 (22 at present) states and have more stringent regulations and over site of unions and eliminate all union funds going to political campaigns. Pro-union states traditionally have the highest tax rates, unemployment rates and welfare systems than other states that have the right to work status. Unions with less power and the elimination of the corporate tax would help keep corporations from leaving the United States and thus the jobs that go with them.

I would set a ten year plan that would require nuclear energy, wind farms, clean coal technology
and natural gas to account for at least 70% of the United States energy needs. I would allow the oil industry to drill on the shelf and ANWR to further increase supply of fossil fuels while lowering the price. Offer financial rewards to companies that discover and invent new technologies that will further eliminate our dependence on foreign oil

I would impose term limits on Congress to two consecutive four year terms (change from 2 year terms) and limit Senators to two, six year terms. I would eliminate all congressional pork barrel spending and require an election for any pay raise for a member of congress. I would also make it a requirement that any candidate for President of the United States be able to pass a standard clearance requirement that all FBI and CIA employees have to undergo.
If you would like to visit this site and become POTUS for the day-then go to:

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