Monday, December 1, 2008

The face of Islamo-Fascism

The war on Islamo-Fascism is going strong in its seventh year and yet sometimes the filth make a spectacular hit. These maggots do not care whom they kill or maim, they are evil incarnate. I have high hopes that President-elect Obama and his two trolls that control Congress will continue the Bush Doctrine, but let us not fool ourselves that will never happen. The bloody images that you are about to see are the face of Islamo-Fascism.

This a Jihad website with very graphic video:

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1 comment:

  1. IMO, the biggest hurdle we as Americans need to overcome is our understanding of a religious culture that wishes to push us (infidels) into extinction.

    When someone attempts to deliver the truth about the culture, it's referred to as fear mongering. From what I can gather after racking my brain (I just like to do that), leftists and the couldn't-care-less types refer to truth as "fear mongering" simply to avoid having to know.

    It's a preemptive strike; passive aggressive avoidance that will inevitably come back to haunt them.

    This seems off topic, but I believe it comes full circle: A lot of what they don't want to know has to do with leverage.

    With their conspiracies like Bush being behind 911, 4 JFK shooters, aliens in Roswell, etc, the truth will hinder their ability to stand so purposely opposite.

    If they were to admit that terrorists were a real problem, there goes 90% of their base.