Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Watching this reminds of the Hitler youth and other left-wing youth groups. Watching this reminds of Jim Jones and his many followers that drank the "Kool-Aid". That Kool-Aid killed the followers of Jim Jones and Obama's drink will kill the American economy and the war-on-terror. Please read the ingredients of your drink of choice before voting; It could kill us!

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  1. Interesting that you consider the hitler youth to be a "left wing" youth group.

  2. Interesting that you do not consider Socialists as left wing. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party was the party of Hitler and his youth. You do the math!

  3. So... 10 black kids finally believe that they can make something of thier lives and make a stupid video... and that's similar to an Aryan youth group?

    It doesn't look anything like this:

    So I just want to know what you're trying to compare it to.

    Consider me confused.

  4. It is the idolatry that these young men have for Obama that appears to mirror the idolatry that the German youth had for Der Fuhrer. The same type of idolatry that those poor saps had for Jim Jones is what I compare it to.

  5. Barack Hussein Obama is slicker than "Slick Willie" Bill Clinton!

    He has been groomed by the Chicago
    political machine who paid a hypnotist undisclosed amounts to teach B.H. Obama how to Hypnotize the ignorant Liberals who believe his Anti American rhetoric.

    B.H. Obama will tell you anything to get your vote. The Obama Youth,
    unfortunately, believe it.

    I personally believe that Hitler is keeping a seat right beside him in Hell for Barry alias B.H. Obama.

  6. So the anti-Obama video (or was it embarrassingly pro-Obama?) has gone!

    Funny that!