Wednesday, October 22, 2008

By the numbers: The Impact of Tax Increases

$2.4 Trillion: The overall tax increase faced by American families, seniors and businesses if president Bush tax cuts expire.

$1,716: The average tax increase for over 100 million Americans if tax cuts are allowed to expire.

$2,034: The average tax increase that will hit 17 million seniors if President Bush's tax cuts expire.

$8.3 Million: The number of jobs created after the tax cuts of 2003.

$17.2 Billion: The amount spent in 2008 by the Democratic controlled Congress on frivolous "pork" projects that use taxpayer funds to reward local special interests and pressure groups.

44 Million: The number of married couples affected by the Marriage Penalty before it was reduced by President Bush. These families will be hit hard once again if the Marriage Penalty is reinstated.

$1,480: The average cost in 2000 for couples punished by the Marriage Penalty.

$108 Billion: The reduction in the federal deficit in 2005 thanks to economic growth sparked by President Bush's tax cuts.

Do you really want a Socialistic leaning President in charge with a Socialistic leaning Senate and House of Representatives writing tax law? The last Democratic President to cut tax's was John F. Kennedy and I do not see Obama breaking this trend. To those of you that are voting for Obama/Biden because you want "change", that is exactly what you will have in your bank account after the Socialist trifecta is established.

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  1. Interesting take. I completely disagree with you of course, but I do appreciate the fact that you're not spewing nonsense, but instead are backing up your claims with facts. It's refreshing really. :)

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