Monday, October 27, 2008

A "change" to the past: President Obama

United Nation Peacekeepers are now in retreat mode in the Congo with the commander of the peacekeepers resigning in disgrace. The 17,000 strong U.N. force, the largest in the world, is being beat back by a rebel group led by Gen. Laurent Nkunda.

Fox News reports “tens of thousands of civilians have abandoned their homes and hundreds of U.N. soldiers pulled back from the front just 25 miles north of the city in tanks, jeeps, trucks and on foot in what appeared to be a major retreat. Soldiers honked their horns angrily as they struggled to push through throngs of displaced people poured onto the main road“.

This latest failure reminds me of the Srebrenica Massacre that occurred during the Bosnian war in the 1990’s. During that disaster, U.N. Dutch troops failed to protect the town of Srebrenica, a UN protected "safe area", and prevent the massacre of 8,000 innocents. This was the largest massacre in Europe since World War II and all under the auspice of the vaunted U.N.

The reason that I remind readers of the failures of the United Nations is because we are about to elect a president that will go back to the days of using the U.N. as our foreign policy tool. A future president that wants to resort to “talking” with our enemies in the hopes that they will get warm and fuzzy and change their stripes. Let me remind you that Saddam Hussein flaunted sanctions for about twelve years and mocked the U.N. until President Bush ended the rouse.

During those twelve years of “talking” with the Baathist regime, corrupt officials within the U.N. took billions of dollars (oil-for-food program) meant for innocent Iraqis during sanctions. Senator Obama wants to talk with the Iranians and sway them, from obtaining thermal nuclear weapons, with his Messiah like charm. Islamo-fascist terrorists are most certainly crazy but they are not swayed by a simple mans charm as most liberals are.

I can guarantee (Joe Biden) that these terrorists will see blood in the water with this neophyte Obama being elected leader of the most powerful country on Earth. Electing Senator Obama as president will be like throwing buckets of chum in shark-infested waters, except the sharks are bomb-laden Muslims bent on Jihad.

Senator Obama preaches change but what we will get is a pre-911 mindset with using law enforcement and the U.N. as our defense against global jihad. That approach did not work in the 1990’s and it most definitely will not work in the 21st century.

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  1. I love the site. Everything you've posted is the truth. I wish the media did half their job as well as you do.

    Of course if they did then they would talk about how disgusting people have gotten. I stumbled across a website that is running a pool on when Ted Stevens will die.

    Why won't the liberal media cover this like they cover the 'racism' from McCain?

    Because they are in the tank with Obama.

    Please show the people that both sides have crazy people supporting them.

    Also keep up the good work on your site. I really enjoy it.

  2. Dan, The media know what they are doing and they do not care. Read my most recent post and decide if they really care about thier bias. They do not!

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  4. oops too late. Obama has already occupied the WH.
    I would love to hear more comments participants in the Blogger Network site.

    See you there.

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