Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open letter to President Bush

While I support President Bush in his war-on-terror policies, I must take a different approach when it comes to dealing with Iran and their nuclear ambitions. The United States has done the right thing with their policy of not "taking any options off the table." The truth is, the United States military is in a tight position when it comes to attacking Iran for their failure to disclose their nuclear program.

The real and immediate worry with Iran obtaining nuclear weapons is their ambitions of making Israel disappear. American caution with expanding the war-on-terror is understandable, with the lack of troops and public support, but the Jews have a big dog in this fight. It has been reported that Pres. Bush will not give a green light to Israel to attack Iran and disable their nuclear establishment.

By most accounts, the Iranians are less than a year from obtaining nuclear capability and their leader has promised the end of Israel as we know it. The world cannot allow another holocaust as we did in the last century. We must allow the Israelis to defend themselves in their quest to survive in this world.

The United States of America should allow everything that the Israelis request in their quest to survive another Holocaust. The Iranians are supplying Hezbollah with weapons to attack Israel and they are processing nuclear fuel to produce fissile material to use in nuclear weapons. The Iranians are supplying Shia extremists in Iraq with weapons to kill American soldiers.

The President of Iran has stated his "Mein Kamph" and the world should listen. Ahmadinejad has stated his desire to eliminate Israel and the world of Jews, as did Hitler in his grand plan of the final solution. President Bush, please give Israel everything that they need to defend themselves. We can never allow another holocaust!

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  1. Mr Brown-Myer I have one question for you, what are you and all the neo-cons so damn afraid of. Here are some interesting facts for ya. The USA have at least 9,000 nuclear weapons. These weapons can be delivered either by air, water, artilery and other means. Isreal have at least 300 nuke weapons and the strongest military in the region. Iran have no nukes, and is trying to make some. Let's say they are able to make 5 in the next 5 years. That would make the score 9300 to 5. As an ex sevice member during the cold war with russia, my expertise was nuke weapons and you seem to think (as do most americans) that one nuke will destroy the entire US or Isreal. One won't do it. Why do you think the US have so many? The Iranian President can put out all the babble he want because he has no real power, he is not the one in charge. In fact, Iran has only as much importance as the US gives it, our mistakes in the region have more to do with Iranian power than any military action they have taken. Instead of being smart and letting Iran and Iraq continue their years of warfare, we tilt the balance of power to Iran by invading Iraq and replacing the Sunni government with a government that is religiously more friendly with Iran. The problem is, our leaders didn't take the time to research the difference between the people and their culture. To them and far to many americans, they are all the same. The Iranians are Persian, most Iraqians are Arabic. That would be like calling a Colombian a Mexican. They are completely different and have their own culture conflicts. The Iranian people and their government are not as radical as some in our society would like you to think. This may come as a surprise to you but they love their family and children also. They understand that The US and/or Isreal will wipe their country off the face of the map if any kind of nuclear attack happened to either country. Another problem is that some GOP leaders have proclaimed Iran a bigger threat to the US than the USSR was. That's just plan stupid. The USSR had at times more nukes than we did and they are still targeted at all our major cities. It's not a good thing for Iran to have nukes, but our over reaction to them trying to get nukes is pissing real threats like russia off by putting missile defense systems that may or may not work in eastern europe. Iran is a little piss-ant country that talk big because they know that we can't do much to them. The last military campaign they won dates back to Alexandria the Great. Only because of our mistakes have they gained any kind of influence in the region. We should ignore them and move on to more important problems like Afganistan and North Korea.

  2. All I know that if we start war with Iran now as well, I think it is the start of world war 3. Pretty scary.


  3. Irish, First and foremost, neo-cons are not afraid of Iran per se, what we fear is the next shoa (holocaust). All of your numbers of nuclear ICBM's are irrelevant. Comparatively speaking, Israel is slightly smaller than New Jersey and in some areas, it is only a few miles wide. To give you a better idea of how small Israel is, you could fit Israel into Florida 8 times.

    Now, let us discuss the power of a thermal nuclear weapon. The overpressure and blast wave that is created from a fission weapon is what is responsible for the deaths of most if not all of the people within about a three-mile radius of the blast, and injuries of those within six miles. The blast wave is also accompanied by high winds, which can reach up to 400 miles an hour as far as two miles from ground zero.

    Now, let us discuss population density of Israel. Israel has a population of about seven million people, slightly a million more than were killed in the first holocaust. Jerusalem has a population of about 700 thousand with an urban population of over 1 million people. Tel Aviv: Urban population-almost three million. Haifa: almost one million. Be’er Sheva: Almost 200 thousand. Ashqelon: Slightly more than 100 thousand.

    My crude math estimates that to be about five million three hundred thousand people. Let’s take your numbers and say Iran only produces five nukes and launches them at five Israeli cities with about a 90% kill ratio. I think you can do the math. I am not a nuclear weapon expert from the cold war, but I surmise that what the initial blast did not kill, the fall out would wipe out the region.

    The mullahs have said that they would trade the deaths of millions of Muslims in exchange for the death of Israel. So I guess Mutually Assured Destruction would not apply here. I could go on of the dangers of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, but there is a Coors out there that needs a home.