Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

This is a message from one of America's warriors to Mr. Obama and the Code Pink types. This is the epitome of the character of our Amred Forces and the values that they exude.

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  1. That video was fantastic. I may have to borrow it from you. You have a great site. Nice job !

  2. Just one problem: the US supported Saddam H. when he terrorized his own people.

    More, the fact is that the Iraq people see the US as immoral occupiers that are trying to control their energy reserves.

    They don't support US troops occupying their country--that is why they celebrate when US occupying soliders are killed.

    They have a right to resist the immoral occupation with violence--just as we would if the Chinese or Russians wanted to 'liberate' the people of the US from the tyranny of ruling class, corporate domination.

    Truth sometimes hurts--but it is good to face it.

  3. Jakester it's great to hear that there are some americans that can think for themselves and are willing to do some research to find out some facts about issues. As a marine vet who was lied to by the Regan admin about the "Freedom Fighters" (Remember Oliver North) in south america, I understand the young service members desire to accomplish something that is honorable. But like me, he does not understand the politics and history of the conflict. The US under Regan helped Saddam become the power in the region to offset Iran. We gave him support in the war against Iran and supplied him with chemical weapons. Then the US stood by as he used them against his own people and said nothing. The irony of it all is that the person in charge of the envoy to do all this was Donald Romsfield, that"s right, our ex Defense Secretary. Him and VP Chaney have a long history in this conflict, and if you research it, their names will come up alot. Truth be told, the US created the monster that was Saddam and we spent billions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of innocent lives to try and correct our mistake. Bin Laden was another monster that we helped to create and we all know where that has got us. We need to stop creating these monsters and realize just because someone thinks or look different than us, does not make them our enemy.