Tuesday, September 9, 2008

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il could be history

The reclusive North Korean regime of Kim Jong Il is reported to be close to an end. There are some reports by Korean experts that claim Kim is already dead and has been since 2003. There are other experts and various intelligence officials that claim the "Dear Leader" has suffered a stroke and is wheelchair bound.
All of these claims could be very good news or most likely bad news. Let me explain-North Korea is a communist hereditary dynasty and Kim has at least four children with three wife's. The eldest son, 37-year-old Jong Nam, would be one's guess as the presumed successor. No, Nam has a taste for Western toys which was illustrated when he tried to sneak into Japan using a fake Dominican passport in a bid to get to Tokyo's Disney resort in 2001.
His second son, 27-year-old Jong Chol, is believed to have spent part of his school years in Switzerland and probably has been Westernized to some degree, which could fare well for the world but not with the Communist Politburo. Youngest son, Jong Un, 24, who apparently looks and acts just like his father could be the favorite among the military.
I surmise that in the event that Kim is dead or on his way, there will be a collective junta resembling that of the Burmese junta that will rule behind the scenes and Jong Un as the figure head. Koreans are told that the Kim family are god's and should worshiped as such, so a collective military junta would not be looked upon kindly by the people.
America should hope that such a change would include one of the first two sons, as they are the most likely to shift from a policy of isolationism to a more open policy. There are reports that the Koreans are reconstructing their nuclear machine after being shuttered after the six nation negotiations. Let us hope that whoever takes the helm, they are not mentally ill as the last two Communist god's.

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