Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dead politician walking

Only 84 days till the Democratic National Convention in Chicago-- I mean Denver. In that time, Hillary has to convince the Democratic Politburo that she is the one to take on McCain in the fall election. This is no small feat for her. Never rule out a Clinton however, they do not quit easily.

After her resounding
defeat in North Carolina and almost defeat in Indiana (operation chaos), Hillary clings to political life by the hair on her chest. If the Democratic Super-Delegates thump Obama and give the nomination to Hillary, there will be blood in the streets of Denver.

The 1968 Chicago convention riots
will look like a cake walk compared to a Hillary coronation in Denver. The Rev. Al Sharpton has all but promised there will be trouble if Hillary steals this thing. I see this as a win/win for the Republican Party. Hillary steals the nomination and the
Democrats loose their black base. Obama takes the crown and it is McGovern all over again. In the words of President Bush: “Bring them on”.

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