Sunday, May 11, 2008

Man made global warming debunked.

There is new evidence that under-ice volcanic eruptions are the cause of the Antarctica's most rapidly changing ice sheet. You will not hear and or read of this in the mainstream press. Why? I think that you know the answer to this question.

You will hear and see video about the ice sheets that are melting because of George W. Bush and America's greed. FACT: "The sub glacial index' of around 3-4. Heat from the volcano creates melt-water that lubricates the base of the ice-sheet and increases the flow towards the sea. You will see the dramatic video of the ice-sheets just falling off into the sea because of human caused global-warming.

They will never discuss mother natures effects on global change and how she takes care of her own. In the future, I will write about the effects of Earth's volcano's and the CO2 that they release into the Earth's atmosphere. Is global cooling on the way? Stay tuned.

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