Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The global warming hoax

I am writing in regard to the global warming paranoia that abounds today. Global warming has become a cottage industry for anti-capitalists, leftists and pseudo-scientists looking for more taxpayer handouts.

I have no doubt that our planet that we call Earth warms, as I have no doubt that it cools. What I do doubt is that humans have much of a say in the matter.

Many things in the natural world come and go in cycles. Serbian engineer Milutin Milankovitch began studies in the 1920's that demonstrate a 19,000 to 21,000-year climate cycle of changes that approximately matched the timing for the wobbling of the Earth's axis. There have been dozens of ice ages throughout the history of the Earth, as there have been dozens of warming periods.

Many scientists have proven Milankovitch correct over the years with ice core samples, deep-sea core and isotopic variation samples. The most famous core sample, Verma 28-238, reached back more than a million years and included the most recent reversal of the Earth's magnetic field. It has been correlated that the Earth's magnetic field and orbital variations coincide with climate change.

It does not take much effort to find the truth about climate change, but I guess it is much easier to sit back and listen to Al Gore and the liberal media establishment. Before you drink the global warming Kool-Aid, do some research of your own. The truth is out there, and it is empowering.

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