Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea attacks South Korea and Obama dithers

As North Korea ramps up it's 2,000 working centrifuges that processes uranium adaptable to the fueling of nuclear weapons, it also sticks it's collective thumb in the eyes of President Obama and the South Koreans. The weak response from the Obama Administration, just one day after the ferocious artillery barrage on Yeonpyeong Island, will only encourage Kim Jong Ill's deadly tantrums. North Korea shelled the South Korean Island for more than an hour, killing two ROK Marines and destroyed more than a dozen homes. This comes just eight months after the North sank a South Korean warship with barely a slap on the wrist from the international community. China, North Korea's principle ally, never condemns the retarded step-son for his belligerent actions, which, in turn only encourages more deadly behavior.

Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan has maintained to Obama that North Korea must not be allowed to get away with two armed attacks on the South in the space of eight months without a military response, but Obama has declined, claiming the attack was not a "crisis." The Obama Administration has just announced more military maneuvers with the South Korean armed forces in response to the North's provocation. This is the same response we always get from this President, and to expect a different result is just folly. It is time the United States considers the re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula as a deterrent to the North. It is time that China realizes that the United States is serious about North Korea's provocations.

The Russians have condemned Kim Jong Ill's attack, which is encouraging, but it's not quite enough. China must reign in the North or face a possible war on their doorstep. China is certainly not our friend and they continue to support dangerous regimes around the globe. President Obama got his 3am phone call, actually 3:55am, and he dithered once again. This President is not feared by the bad guys, which only encourages more bad behavior. It is time for Mr. Obama to grow a set and put our enemies on notice. President Bush was not liked by our enemies for good reason. They knew he might just regulate them to the dustbin of history.

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