Monday, May 17, 2010

Muslim terrorists on our Southern border

While the rhetoric heats up over illegal immigrants crossing our Southern border, the real danger with our porous border is being overlooked. Congressional reports have indicated that we have detained hundreds of illegals from Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan along our 2000 mile border. As I reported in 2009, Iranian funded Hezbollah terrorists have taken refuge in the tri-border region of South America. It is only a matter of time before a terrorist cell uses our border to transport a WMD of some sort and strike an American city.

President Obama has canceled plans to extend the fence along the US-Mexican border and has cut millions of dollars for the "virtual fence." This administrations lack of will to stop illegals from coming across the border is not only is going to bankrupt our nation but very likely will result in an American city being lit up. Watch the below video as the terrorist recruiter describes how they can kill hundreds of thousands of Americans with just a small amount of anthrax smuggled across the border. All of the Democrats and some Republicans that refuse to seal our borders already have blood on their hands and they need to be held to account criminally once an American city is hit.

Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border

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