Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Republicans sweep to victory.

The White House and the state controlled media will spin these victories as local issues that have no bearing whatsoever on Obama's policies. I can assure you that this White House, Blue Dog Democrats and RINO 's understand this
message from voters. Obama and Congressional leaders have been tone deaf to the outrage of Americans and Corzine and Deeds are the first victims. At this time we don't know the results of New York's 23rd. district but the message has been sent to those trying to pound Socialism down our necks. The winds of Conservatism are beginning to blow and there are many more incumbents in our path.

We as Conservatives cannot rest on our laurels and claim victory with these small victories, but we must continue the pressure and grassroots activism. Let this message be heard to local, state and federal candidates nationwide that we are sick of the direction that this country is headed.
Republican labels will not protect you as an incumbent because we will hold you to a higher standard. Blue Dog Democrats that represent red states, beware, you should fear voters far more than you fear Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The House and Senate leadership cannot assure you reelection, you must face the voters to answer for your votes.

This is just the start of the Reagan Revolution II that will sweep the nation. Get on board or get out of the way because we are coming for you!

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