Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace prize.

Barack Hussein Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace prize and the world asks why. I can just imagine what French President Sarkozy must be thinking since he is not on the Obama Kool-Aid bandwagon. What exactly has Mr. Obama accomplished to deserve such an award? Nothing yet, but the Socialists in Europe hope that by awarding this to Obama that just maybe he will continue to downgrade the United States and roll over to the Muslims in his beta-male fashion.

The international leftists hope is to see Obama continue to cave in to the Iranians, Palestinians and further reduce the military might of the United States of America.
It can be said that Mr. Obama received this award because he is not President Bush and that is correct to some degree. Obama's continued support for Hugo Chavezesque leaders in South America and the coddling of Muslim terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank only encourages European elitists and their orgasmic feelings towards Obama.

Lets take a look at some of the most recent Nobel Peace prize winners:
2007-A bunch of crazed man-made global warming "scientists" and AL Gore.
2005-Mohamed El Baradei, IAEA apologist for Muslim terrorists.
2002-Jimmy Carter, enough said on this sack of pig squeeze.
2001-Kofi Annan, corrupt UN Secretary General.
1994-Yasser Arafat, father of terrorism in Middle East and Jew killer.

Is there really any surprise that big daddy socialist Barack Obama garnered this award from a bunch of European Socialists? The true intent of this award is to trap Obama into refusing more troops to Afghanistan, continued apologies for past American war crimes and a further reduction in America's military might. There is a great interest from international socialists for Mr. Obama to succeed and to the detriment
to the United States.

Congratulation's Mr. Obama for your most recent accolades from America's enemies. That is some "change" that I didn't expect.

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  1. It's amazing that people that hate the idea of America are so transparent in honoring the fail of Obama. Of course, they like Obama's fail, as it hurts the US.