Thursday, September 10, 2009

Organized Crime Syndicate-ACORN-busted again!

I think it is now clear that ACORN has demonstrated itself as being an organized crime syndicate. The search is on for 11 ACORN activists in Florida as the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office has issued arrest warrants for 11 suspects, all of whom worked for the local chapter of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. There have been charges filed nationwide against ACORN workers for voter fraud and investigations continue for other branches around the country.

There is now evidence that ACORN has expanded their crimes to include tax evasion and the promotion of child prostitution. On July 24th, James O’Keefe, a 25 year-old filmmaker, posed as a pimp with a 20 year-old woman "Kenya" posing as a prostitute while visiting the Baltimore ACORN branch. The couple explained to ACORN officials that they wanted to secure housing so the woman could maintain a prostitution business.

In this video, "Kenya" is heard telling an ACORN official that she earns an estimated $8000 a month for her services. The ACORN thug is then heard telling "Kenya" that ACORN would submit a tax return indicating that she earned $9000 for the year, instead of the $96,000 she would have earned. The conversation turns to child prostitution when the undercover couple explain that they want to bring in 13 underage girls to their business. After the ACORN thugs tell the couple that would be illegal, they then go on to explain how they could claim three of the underage girls as dependents on their tax returns.

ACORN receives billions in taxpayer money from the liberals in Congress to act as their and Obama's foot soldiers during election time. ACORN will continue to create havoc at the polls with their fraudulent voter registration drives and now will have that opportunity in the 2010 census. People need to call their representatives in Congress and demand that this organized crime syndicate not be allowed to participate in the 2010 census counting process. Enough is enough with these thugs and Attorney General Eric Holder needs to do something about it.

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  1. I caught this on Fox today. Hilarious, isn't it? I guess this will get added to the list of things that the MSM will ignore.