Monday, May 11, 2009

The White House Correspondents Dinner and double standards.

I must admit that as I watched Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents Dinner, I did have a few chuckles with some of her jokes. The one about VP Biden giving classified information and torturing the terrorists just by the sound of his voice was a good one. Then there was the one about Obama and his nipples that was quite funny but then she crossed the line. Making fun of conservatives is fine until you start wishing death upon them and accusing them of being terrorists just because you disagree. The double standard that the media and this White House embraces is glaring.

Since Wanda Sykes has crossed that line with a no-holds-barred routine, I think I will try my hand in tasteless jokes with those I disagree. Mr. President, it is no wonder that your father left you and your mother when you were young, hell, look at your ears. Or maybe a little nastier-Since Ted Kennedy survived the wreck in which he killed Mary Jo Kopecne, I hope his brain cancer spreads to his rectum and kills him...slowly. And Barney Frank, man that guy is so gay, I hope he gets aids and a nasty case of fatal anal gonorrhea. I wonder if the President would have laughed it up after my routine. The media would have turned me and my family into public enemy number one and I would be destroyed.

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if while working on her routine, Wanda said, "Let me say something to REALLY make the conservatives mad". It looks like it worked. Wanda's jokes about Rush arguably crossed the line, but she didn't wish death upon him. Due to dialysis and transplants, kidney failure isn't necessarily a death sentence. Had Wanda said, "I hope Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail and he dies", I can see people getting upset.

    By the way, keep sharpening up those "comedic" skills. You may get there someday. :-)

  2. maybe I am just getting old. when did wishing somebody's kidneys would fail become humorous?

  3. Dickster, It is only humorous when liberals utter that crap. If a conservative would have said that, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or some Perez Hilton type would be demanding the firing and apology of said perp.
    Malcolm, I will work on skit and maybe, just maybe I can headline the WHCD next year. I bet Obama will laugh his ass off!

  4. I like to refer to what i call "the rules"

    If Conservatives do it, it’s BAD, VERY, VERY, BAD



  5. Since you asked Ross, I do have a question. When you say, "If conservatives do it, it’s BAD, VERY, VERY, BAD", what is your definition of "it"?