Thursday, December 4, 2014

Global Warming is a Fanciful Farce Compared to the Dangers of Cyber Warfare

There was a recent New York Times article that stated humanity may be on the brink of extinction unless we do something to stop man-made global warming. Conversely, there are some experts that claim the Earth is headed towards a cyclical cooling spell and judging by the last few winters I tend to believe them.

Chicago is the coldest its ever been since 1904, almost 9000 daily record cold temps in November alone across the nation and Lake Erie’s water temperature at the end of November fell to 40 degrees. That’s the coldest Nov. 30 reading in Buffalo since 1976, when the lake temperature was 38 degrees.

Scientists say the extent of Antarctic sea ice cover is at its highest level since records began. Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 20 million square kilometres covered by sea ice around the Antarctic continent. Of course global warming hoaxers claim record sea ice is a manifestation of recent warming.

That's the reason the hoaxers changed the verbiage from global warming to climate change. By calling it 'climate change,' instead of global warming, they can cover all their bases. When it rains too much, it's climate change, when it snows too much, it's climate change, more hurricanes...climate change, less hurricanes...climate change. You get the picture.

Here are some recent headlines you most likely did not see. The mainstream media is all in on the global warming hoax, so they will not widely report news that differs from their narrative.

*North American November snowcover largest ever recorded.  LINK

*European winters show cooling trend since 1988.  LINK

*Earliest winter weather in decades hits USA.  LINK

*1,350 low temperature records were set in the USA in the last 7 days.  LINK

*Atlantic hurricane season ends, 9th year without a major storm hitting US      shores, longest period since the Civil War.  LINK

*East Coast winter storm forming, snows of one foot or more. New York City could have its second white Thanksgiving in over 75 years.  LINK

*Great Lakes ice forming, earliest in 40 years.  LINK

*Ice closes upper Mississippi River to shipping, earliest date on record.  LINK 

Man-made global cyber-attacks however do pose an immediate and deadly threat to Americans in general and the world in particular. The billions of dollars we spend waste in the futile effort to change mother nature needs to be spent to counter Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. China have already gained access to our satellites and China and Russia reportedly can access our power grids. The United States is way behind the curve in preventing our enemies from destroying us through cyber attacks.

It has be recently reported that Iran has taken control of airports in three countries.  Bloomberg revealed that hackers working for Iran have targeted at least 50 companies and government organizations, including commercial airlines, looking for vulnerabilities that could be used in physical attacks.  

The hackers infiltrated the computer systems of carriers and their contractors in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea a California-based firm said in a report outlining the results of a two-year investigation. They broke into the computers of suppliers responsible for aircraft maintenance, cargo loading and refueling, according to the report and Cylance analysts, and stole credentials that could be used to impersonate workers.

The United States spends more than twice as much (probably a lot more) fighting global warming than it does in investing in cyber warfare capablilities.  President Obama requested $2.7 billion in 2014 for the U.S. Global Change Research Program, while spending almost $8 billion to help developing countries battle climate change over a three year period. 

In the 2014 Pentagon defense budget, the money allocated for cyber operations slightly rose to $4.7 billion, up from $3.9 billion in 2013.  A majority of that additional money was to be spent in the development of offensive capabilities.  I realize that just throwing money at the problem won't fix our cyber deficiencies, but we need to invest more in a sophisticated cyber attack and defensive capabilities.   

Man-made global warming is a fanciful farce and we don't need to be wasting our valuable resources on unicorns and fairy dust.  Cyber warfare on the other hand is a real and preventable danger that threatens our country.  Cyber warfare is a poor mans nuclear weapon and it can be used by third world despots to do an immeasurable amount of damage.  It's time we focus on the real dangers.            

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