Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Liberals become unhinged after loss in Wisconsin

The left was soundly defeated in their effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and they are now becoming unhinged.  In this video a liberal cries like a baby while he declares "Democracy died tonight." published angry tweets from liberals advocating the murder of Governor Scott Walker.  No word if Attorney General Eric Holder has started an investigation into the death threats against the Governor.  If the angry tweeters turn out to be members of the racist New Black Panther Party then they will have no reason to worry because Eric Holder will drop the charges against them.   

According to CBS News, after the loss in Wisconsin's gubernatorial election Tuesday night, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett took another blow - literally - when one of his own supporters slapped him.  Watch the video as an emotional liberal slaps Mayor Barrett as he thanks his supporters.

MSNBC host Ed Schultz concluded in a wild assertion that Governor Walker "could very well be indicted in the coming day."  Indicted for what we don't know, but Ed Schultz is known to have crazy thoughts in his head so your guess is as good as mine.  If you think liberals have gone crazy now, just wait until Barack Obama is defeated this November.  I love to watch those on the left makes great entertainment.

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