Thursday, May 10, 2012

FLASHBACK**Matt Lauer attacks President Bush for using gay marriage to get votes

The Obama media has gone to great lengths to make it appear President Obama has gone through some sort of cerebral evolution in regards to gay marriage.  Rush Limbaugh played a montage of the mainstream media touting Obama's evolution and how wonderful and groundbreaking it is.  Do they question why Obama has suddenly decided to bless gay marriage?  No, of course not. 

Flashback to the midterm elections during Bush's term.  Matt Lauer gets into a frenzy and accuses President Bush of using gay marriage to fire up conservatives.  Has Matt Lauer, or any another liberals in the media, accused Obama of using this issue to get votes?  In this video, Matt states to Ann Coulter, "if you ask people in this country what they're worried about, they say Iraq, gas prices...things like gay marriage are way down on the list, but that's what this president is talking about this week."  What are Americans worried about in 2012 Matt?  Gas prices, plummeting mortgages, Afghanistan, sluggish economy et al.

Lauer goes on to state, "But the president talked about it (gay marriage) in 2004 and never talked about it, obviously we are in a election cycle...isn't this just an overt way to say to the social conservative base..look I will talk about it again, come out and vote for me."  Matt Lauer and the liberal media at large are total hypocrites and they're disgusting to watch.  When a Republican brings up gay marriage it's only to get votes and when a Republican changes sides on an issue it's flip-flopping.  When a liberal brings up gay marriage it's wonderful and when they change their minds it's called evolving.

Obama has evolved three or four times on this issue over the years and the media never seems to notice.  Matt Lauer asks Ann, "do you think George Bush in his heart cares strongly about this issue?"  Matt, do you think Obama in his heart cares strongly about this issue, or is he bringing this up now to get votes and campaign donations?


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