Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Texas Lt Gov. Dewhurst really a fiscal Conservative?

In the race to replace Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison we have heard many candidates claim to be fiscal, small government Conservatives.  Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert resigned his position about a year ago to make a run for Hutchison's seat and surprised many (even his own supporters) when he claimed to be a Conservative.  Lt. Governor Dewhurst has money and name recognition within the state, but is he really the fiscal, small government Conservative he claims to be?  The Ted Cruz campaign has released a new video showing just the opposite may be true.  Cruz, a former Texas state solicitor general, has a real record of being a staunch Conservative and has a long list of national Conservative leaders endorsing his candidacy.  When left-wing groups such as label Cruz as "a radical attorney named Ted Cruz" you know he's doing something right.  During Lt Gov. Dewhurst's ten year reign the Texas Senate proposed $5.8 BILLION more in spending than the Texas House.  That is hardly the record of a fiscal, small government Conservative.


For more information about Ted Cruz and his campaign go HERE

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