Thursday, October 6, 2011

Top Iranian official calls for terrorist attacks "in the heart of Europe"

Top Iranian calls for terrorist attacks "in the heart of Europe." Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi was quoted as saying, "Today, we must be prepared. In the past, our operational units went to the west and south. Now they must prepare to go to northern Africa, to eastern Asia, and to the heart of Europe. We must prepare for operations worldwide," reported MEMRI. The Iranian leadership could be characterized as evil, or better yet, insane. Comments like Mr. Azghadi's, are all too common for those in power in Iran and are proof of why we cannot allow the Iranians to obtain nuclear weapons. We cannot allow mentally unstable lunatics to have the power to annihilate another nation and if given the chance, the Iranians would do just that.  Click the link below for the full video of Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi.  

Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution Member Hassam Rahimpour Azghadi Calls on Iranians to Conduct Sabotage Operations in 'The Heart of Europe' and Worldwide

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