Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptian President Mubarak resigns, gives power to military

According to Fox News, the head of the Egyptian ruling party says he expects President Muburak to respond to protesters demands tonight. Egyptian military officials say the armed forces' supreme council has been meeting all day long and will issue a communique shortly. In a statement televised on state television, the army said it had convened the meeting in response to the current political turmoil, and it would continue to convene such meetings according to Al Jazeera. Thursday's meeting was chaired by Defense Minister Mohamed Tantawi rather than President Muburak.

The announcement came as doctors in white lab coats and lawyers in black robes streamed into Cairo's Tahrir Square Thursday, linking striking workers with anti-government protesters to create powerful new momentum for calls to oust Mubarak. With its efforts to manage the crisis failing, the government threatened the army could crack down by imposing martial law.

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Embattled Egyptian President says he will pass on some of his authority to Vice President Suleiman, but will stay in office until the presidential elections in September. VP Suleiman spoke after Mubarak and called on protesters to go home and go back to work. Suleiman urged protesters not to listen to "international pressure", which may have been a slap at U.S. President Obama and his failed handling of the Egyptian crisis. President Obama seems to be confused and in over his head when it comes to the unfolding events in Egypt. There are reports that Saudi King Abdullah is furious with Mr. Obama and his apparent betrayal of President Mubarak. Sources disclose that the call, which Obama put into King Abdullah, brought US/Saudi relations into unparalleled crisis and placed the entire edifice of US-Iran and Middle East policies in jeopardy.

Friday, 02/11/11. President Mubarak resigns and hands over power to military.

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