Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama fails Israel

I and many other bloggers warned before the election of Barack Hussein Obama that he would not be a friend of Israel. Obama's first year in office saw him placing unreasonable demands on Israel and public lashings when they did not concur. I cannot remember an American Administration placing such demands on Israel, much less in the public forum, during such troubling times in the Middle East. A recent poll shows that only 6% of Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel and 50% say he is pro Palestinian. Israels own Ambassador is calling the recent dust up the worst in 35 years.

I will admit that the announcement of the building of new housing in Jerusalem during Vice President Biden's visit was ill timed, but to call out Israel and to cancel high level visits is just unprecedented. The Palestinians are on the verge of a third Intifada and the image of conflict in American-Israeli relations only encourages such action. Hamas has called for an Intifada against Israel and will use this ruse to unite Palestinian voters in Gaza and the West Bank to support Hamas versus Fatah in upcoming elections.

Israel is under a continued threat from the North with Iranian-Syrian backed Hezbollah, Iranian backed Hamas in Gaza and from Iran itself and their quest for nuclear arms to annihilate the Jewish state. President Obama may not agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but Obama needs to understand that the terrorist elements are taking this cue as a weakness in our relationship with Israel and will try to exploit it.

The election of President Obama and his inexperience in foreign policy just shows what can go wrong when you let emotion rather than substance guide your vote. Israel is our only true friend in the Middle East and to treat them as our enemy is just a huge mistake and one we will pay for in the near future. The animosity that this Administration shows towards Israel needs to be reined in and more support should be offered. Israel does our bidding in the turbulent Middle East and we need to show our support, whether it be militarily or financial , but encouragement nonetheless.

UPDATE LINK: This just goes to show the disdain that this White House for Likud. LINK

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