Wednesday, August 19, 2009

State controlled media pushes for Obama-Care

I grow tired of the state controlled media and their efforts to help increase support for Obama-Care. On the Today Show this morning, they discussed an NBC poll still showing opposition to socialized health care, but then they say it is because "large numbers of Americans "still" believe the "myths" about the Obama plan. What do they consider "Myths?" They say it is a myth that the plan would let the government decide what care the elderly will receive. The House bill as written will do just that. Another "myth" NBC says Americans still believe is that the bill would provide taxpayer monies to perform abortions. Under the proposed legislation, virtually every individual will be required to have health care coverage that meets “minimum benefits standards” established by the administration. Those minimum benefits will include abortion unless Congress acts to explicitly exclude abortion from any government mandated coverage or taxpayer funded health plan. The final "myth" is that illegal aliens will receive health care with taxpayer money. They get free health care now and are bankrupting cities and states because of that care. NBC then shows some numbers with the statement, "When Americans hear the "facts", they are in favor of Obama-Care." NBC tries it's best to convince Americans that most people would support Obama-Care if they just didn't listen to the Republican lies. NBC and the other state controlled media outlets are a joke. Reminds me of a Noam Chomsky quote that states, "Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media." That pretty much says it all!

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  1. I keep hearing about the "facts" of goverment deciding care for the elderly and of Death panels and other "facts" but I have yet to see one person who has made these statements show where in the bill these items are.

  2. In this country we have an expression "not to give a monkey's" - which is perhaps rather unfortunate when applied to Mr Obama. But he really doesn't. He doesn't really care about black people. For him the colour of his skin is, well, skin deep. His overriding political principle is simply liberalism. For him, people are consumers, not productive units of our society, and so the number of new ones coming into the world has to be severely limited.

  3. I know this won't be popular... but I do genuinely believe that in generations to come Americans will look back at this furor and be horrified that their countrymen made such a fuss over giving taxpayers access to adequate healthcare.

    Here in Britain we hate freeloaders as much as you - but no-one *wants* to be in a situation where they need medical care. No-one *wants* to go to hospital. But when they have to, and when they live in the richest country on the planet, they have a right to expect the hihest quality of care - regardless of their tax bracket.

    PS Also it's not really fair to say NBC is state-controlled media. Liberal, yes. But following orders from the White House..? That's what happens in *real* communist states.