Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama losing support among Israelis

The Obama Administration's anti-Israel policy is beginning to take it's toll on the Israeli populace. The most recent Jerusalem Post/Smith Research opinion poll among Israelis show that only 6% believe that Obama's policies are pro Israel. Another 50% of those sampled consider the policies of Obama's administration more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli versus last months published poll that showed Obama being Israel friendly by 31%. At the end of George W. Bush's term, 88% of Israelis considered his administration policies as being pro Israel.

The Obama Administration has thrown Israel and their security concerns to the curb in favor of the moderate terrorists of the West Bank and the extreme terrorists of Gaza. Many bloggers, including myself, warned of the Islamo-Fascist support for Obama for President and now we are being proven right. The MSM accused anyone of reporting such accusations as being radical and being Xenophobic because of Obama's Muslim background. Obama has strained American/Israeli relations more than any modern president and the consequences could be fatal.

Israel is the linchpin of American national security in a volatile region. Israel has offered the Palestinians 97% of what they want and they still they balk. Israel has withstood thousands of missiles, terrorist attacks and invasions by Arab armies. Israel has prevented Iraq and Syria from becoming nuclear powers and held back militarily after Scuds were being launched at them during Desert Storm. Mr. President, it is time that you support our friend and ally and not the Islamo-Fascist terrorists that would wipe them off the map. It is not important to me that Muslims "understand" me and for me to apologize for past indiscretions. Mr. President, please treat the mad men of the world like you did that fly... and swat them.

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  1. I don't think he ever had support among them.