Friday, June 5, 2009

Operation Overlord-65 years later

On June 6, 1944, approximately 1465 American soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause for freedom and to liberate a continent from Nazism. Sixty five years later, we remember the sacrifice of the greatest generation and the affect that they had on the future of the world. There are those, including myself, that think the world has forgotten the lessons of World War Two and the genesis of that conflict. Approximately Seventy million people were killed in a war that could have been prevented. If the world leaders of the time would have taken Hitler at his word (Mein Kampf) and exhibited some strength during Hitler's adventurism, this costly war could have been prevented.

Today we find ourselves in a similar situation, where a nation threatens the existence of Jews and world peace and once again world leaders want to negotiate with a mad man to secure peace in our time. It was naive then and it's naive now. Pure evil cannot be trusted nor can it be negotiated with. Evil must be confronted and destroyed before it can inflict death upon the world. Sixty five years after 6 million Jews were exterminated by one mans final solution, we face another man that promises to wipe Israel of the face of the map.

I pray that President Obama was truly moved by his visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp and will rise to the challenge of the 21st century Hitler. It will take the courage of men like those of Point du Hoc to prevent another preventable war.

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  1. Very nice post! Considering Obama is showing his support for Israel is fleeting and that he supports nukes for Iran - I don't think he will heed this advise!

  2. Thanks BoBo for the comment. I agree with you and your assessment of Obama. Unless Obama had an sudden epiphany at Buchenwald, Israel will be thrown under the bus. I bet American Jews wish they could have their votes back.

  3. Obama believes the hype and thinks he can do no wrong. I doubt that there is anything that can convince him to change the path he is on.

  4. That was a nice clip of Ronny. Thanks.

  5. Ahmadinejad is a nutcase - plain and simple. Thankfully, Iran's political landscape has a little more going for it that the Third Reich in 1940s Germany.

    Talking with the Iranian people makes sense. Many are as repulsed by Ahmadinejad as you and I are: Let's see if they don't boot him out for us...

  6. @Harrison-Dickster, Thanks for reading and your comments.

    @Martin-There is some hope that Ahmadinejad will be deposed, I just recieved an email from Dr. Hawfik Hamid and he is convinced that Ahmadi Najad will win the election. I do hope that happens, but that does not guarantee peace. Iran has been fighting a proxy war against the west and Israel long before Ahmadinejad arrived on the scene.

    The clerics and the Republican Guard hold all the power in Iran and I don't think that the State Department will be talking with them. I would much prefer a moderate terrorist rather than the madman that is now in charge. Cross your fingers, the election is near.