Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tim Kaine, Las Vegas Sniper Stopped Killing Because He Didn't Have 'Silencer'

According to the Washington Post, Senator & former Veep candidate, Tim Kaine, claims Stephen Paddock who opened fire in Las Vegas was only stopped “because he didn’t have a silencer on his weapon.”  Kaine's moronic comment was similar to a statement Hillary Clinton made in early October.  
Hillary's tweet was as follows:  

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.  

It seems most of the liberals that are demanding the suppression of suppressors watch way too many James Bond movies. Weapons don't make a silent 'pffftttt' sound when equipped with a suppressor like they do in the movies.  The video below demonstrates (at the 9:50 mark) what the Las Vegas killer's rifle would have sounded like had he used a suppressor. It's disturbing to see so many ill-informed/ignorant politicians with the power to ban things they know nothing about.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Sniper Stephen Paddock Suicide Photo

There is a special place in hell for this evil subhuman.

To the right of the doors leading into Paddock's room is a room service cart, covered with empty plates and a plate cover knocked to the ground in the chaos. Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Tuesday that the shooter set up a camera on the cart, which he used to keep an eye on the hallway

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Could An Admitted Socialist Be Elected President?

Most people don't give Bernie Sanders much of a chance at winning the presidential election, even if he somehow gets past the rigged Democratic Primaries. Conventional wisdom dictates that Americans will never elect a 74 year old curmudgeon socialist as president of the United States. Don’t get me wrong, America has had its share of presidents with socialistic traits, just not an 'admitted' socialist.  Presidents Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Obama could all be labeled socialistic to a certain degree.        

Socialism isn't a foreign concept in American history unfortunately.  Socialism made its way to America in the mid 19th century with the influx with German and other European Marxist immigrants.  These immigrants arrived in the US after the mid century ‘Spring’ revolts that were ongoing on at the time and they brought their Marxist ideas with them.  Many of our labor unions were organized by socialists.  The AFL founders, Adolph Strasser and Samuel Gompers in particular, were both socialists.  The AFL-CIO is now the largest federation of unions in the country.   

I know what you’re saying…..but Casey, that was a long time ago, we couldn't elect an admitted Bolshevik today.  Normally I would agree, but things could change very quickly.  I’m convinced the 2008 financial collapse helped elect Barack Hussein Obama.  I think voters saw Obama as an agent of change, and conversely, they saw John McCain as the status quo.  Americans saw the country collapsing around them and they were willing to give this neophyte a chance. 

Despite the rosy economic outlook by those in the media and the Obama regime, things aren't rosy at all.  All the signs of a troubled world economy are all around us.  Much like they were in 2007-2008.  No positive spin can be put on any of the latest developments.  China's economic troubles are still weighing down the world economy; US banks stocks are bad, European banks stocks are far worse.  Global shipping has plummeted to 2008 recession rates, US economic activity in the manufacturing sector contracted in December.  The stock market appears to be bottoming out on a daily basis. 

If we do in fact experience another recession or financial collapse right before the election and if Bernie Sanders is the liberal/progressive nominee, he could be elected very easily.  Voters may panic once again because of the fresh memories of the 2008 collapse.  Human nature is what it is and sadly sometimes people let it rule their brains.  Our country is becoming an entitlement society and far too many Americans are getting used to the idea of a nanny state. 

The hardships and suffering of the great depression led the Germans to turn to the National Socialist Party in the 1930’s.  At that time, the German economy was plagued with mass unemployment and across-the-board business failures and the anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric resonated with the German people.  Am I saying Bernie Sanders is Adolf Hitler?  Of course not, but I am pointing out that citizens sometimes do stupid things when faced with adversity.   


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dirty Little Secret of the Australian Gun Control Law

When you hear politicians like Barack Obama praise the gun control policies of Australia, you need to be concerned. They talk glowingly about the buyback program in Australia, but they leave out a crucial fact. They omit the fact that the buyback program was mandatory.....As in government SEIZURES of certain weapons.

The 1996 "National Firearms Buyback Scheme" seized 660,959 long guns, mostly semi-automatic rimfire rifles (hunting rifles) and shotguns as well as pump-action shotguns, and a smaller proportion of higher powered or military type (AR-15 type) semi-automatic rifles.

The payments from the Commonwealth for the buyback program were conditional on the States and Territories introducing firearms laws and regulations consistent with the National Firearms Agreement. No licenses for SELF-DEFENSE are allowed under these laws.

The 2003 handgun buyback seized about 50,000 licensed target pistols. New handgun laws made illegal target pistols of greater than .38 caliber and handguns with barrels less than 120mm (semi-automatic) or 100mm (revolvers) such as pocket pistols. Paintball guns are even restricted in Australia. Paintball guns are considered as a 'Category A' weapon and a "Genuine Reason" must be provided to own a Category A firearm.

If the United States were to implement the Australian gun control method, it would violate the Second Amendment. If politicians and gun control advocates tell you they want the Aussie gun control policies, they are telling you they want to seize your weapons. They don't want to seize anti-tank weapons or flame throwers, no, they want your hunting rifles, shotguns and most handguns.

When Australia mandated their citizens to turn over their weapons, do you think the criminals complied? Hell no they didn't. Law abiding Aussies were the ones that were disarmed and the crackheads and murderers kept their weapons.

The next time you hear someone tell you that we should adopt the common sense Aussie gun control policies, ask them if they are in favor of gun confiscation. Many of those proclaiming to want this policy may not know the details. However, I can assure you Barack Obama knows the details and he is on record saying he favors such a policy.

I can just hear the Democrats as they debate an American version of the Aussie plan...we have to pass the law to see what's in it. And after we see what's in it, we're screwed.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Putin's Military Buildup in Syria Continues Unabated

Putin has dispatched the giant Dmitri Donskoy TK-20 nuclear submarine and it is currently on its way to Syrian waters. The TK-20 is a ballistic missile submarine and it’s the largest submarine in the world. This particular sub can carry 20 Bulava ICBM’s with 200 nuclear warheads. I guess the Dmitri could be used to launch cruise missiles against rebel and terrorist targets, but using this sub for that purpose would be a little overkill.
In addition to the Donskoy, Russia is sending a squadron of five Russian naval ships equipped with guided missiles and they are set to conduct military maneuvers off the Syrian coast. On Friday, the Russians called for military-to-military cooperation with the United States to avert "unintended incidents" as it stages navy exercises off the coast of Syria.
President Obama once again warned Putin against doubling down on his support for the Assad regime and once again Putin ignored our weak president’s demands. The Russian SA-22 Pantsir-S1 anti-air missiles are also reportedly on their way to Syria as well. The SA-22 is a combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system. And again, this is not the type of weapons system that would make much sense against terrorist or rebel forces.
These weapons systems are meant to deter American and/or Israeli military forces and they are intended to send a message to our Commander-in-Chief. President Obama is a weak leader and Putin and the other despots of the world know it. The Russians will continue to build up their forces in the region and the Iranians and Hezbollah will join forces with the Russian Marines in short order.

According to Fox News: Russia's military build-up in Syria has grown to include the shipment of a half-dozen highly sophisticated battle tanks -- and more troops -- a defense official told Fox News, in what the source called the "first clear sign of offensive weapons arriving in Syria."
The Pentagon has now tracked a total of 15 Russian Antonov-124 Condor flights into Syria, reflecting a steady stream of military cargo into Syria. According to the latest intelligence, this also includes the arrival of two more Russian cargo ships, containing the tanks.
Up to this point, the official said, the Russian cargo and weapons that have been delivered to Syria could be viewed as defensive in nature. The arrival of tanks cannot be viewed this way.
The official said that Russian offensive operations could launch from Bassel Al-Assad International Airport "very soon."
Read full story HERE

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Global Warming is a Fanciful Farce Compared to the Dangers of Cyber Warfare

There was a recent New York Times article that stated humanity may be on the brink of extinction unless we do something to stop man-made global warming. Conversely, there are some experts that claim the Earth is headed towards a cyclical cooling spell and judging by the last few winters I tend to believe them.

Chicago is the coldest its ever been since 1904, almost 9000 daily record cold temps in November alone across the nation and Lake Erie’s water temperature at the end of November fell to 40 degrees. That’s the coldest Nov. 30 reading in Buffalo since 1976, when the lake temperature was 38 degrees.

Scientists say the extent of Antarctic sea ice cover is at its highest level since records began. Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 20 million square kilometres covered by sea ice around the Antarctic continent. Of course global warming hoaxers claim record sea ice is a manifestation of recent warming.

That's the reason the hoaxers changed the verbiage from global warming to climate change. By calling it 'climate change,' instead of global warming, they can cover all their bases. When it rains too much, it's climate change, when it snows too much, it's climate change, more hurricanes...climate change, less hurricanes...climate change. You get the picture.

Here are some recent headlines you most likely did not see. The mainstream media is all in on the global warming hoax, so they will not widely report news that differs from their narrative.

*North American November snowcover largest ever recorded.  LINK

*European winters show cooling trend since 1988.  LINK

*Earliest winter weather in decades hits USA.  LINK

*1,350 low temperature records were set in the USA in the last 7 days.  LINK

*Atlantic hurricane season ends, 9th year without a major storm hitting US      shores, longest period since the Civil War.  LINK

*East Coast winter storm forming, snows of one foot or more. New York City could have its second white Thanksgiving in over 75 years.  LINK

*Great Lakes ice forming, earliest in 40 years.  LINK

*Ice closes upper Mississippi River to shipping, earliest date on record.  LINK 

Man-made global cyber-attacks however do pose an immediate and deadly threat to Americans in general and the world in particular. The billions of dollars we spend waste in the futile effort to change mother nature needs to be spent to counter Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. China have already gained access to our satellites and China and Russia reportedly can access our power grids. The United States is way behind the curve in preventing our enemies from destroying us through cyber attacks.

It has be recently reported that Iran has taken control of airports in three countries.  Bloomberg revealed that hackers working for Iran have targeted at least 50 companies and government organizations, including commercial airlines, looking for vulnerabilities that could be used in physical attacks.  

The hackers infiltrated the computer systems of carriers and their contractors in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea a California-based firm said in a report outlining the results of a two-year investigation. They broke into the computers of suppliers responsible for aircraft maintenance, cargo loading and refueling, according to the report and Cylance analysts, and stole credentials that could be used to impersonate workers.

The United States spends more than twice as much (probably a lot more) fighting global warming than it does in investing in cyber warfare capablilities.  President Obama requested $2.7 billion in 2014 for the U.S. Global Change Research Program, while spending almost $8 billion to help developing countries battle climate change over a three year period. 

In the 2014 Pentagon defense budget, the money allocated for cyber operations slightly rose to $4.7 billion, up from $3.9 billion in 2013.  A majority of that additional money was to be spent in the development of offensive capabilities.  I realize that just throwing money at the problem won't fix our cyber deficiencies, but we need to invest more in a sophisticated cyber attack and defensive capabilities.   

Man-made global warming is a fanciful farce and we don't need to be wasting our valuable resources on unicorns and fairy dust.  Cyber warfare on the other hand is a real and preventable danger that threatens our country.  Cyber warfare is a poor mans nuclear weapon and it can be used by third world despots to do an immeasurable amount of damage.  It's time we focus on the real dangers.            

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