Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Black Americans still emotionally enslaved

With the impending confirmation battle of Supreme Court nominee Ruth Bader Sotomayor, the usual racist accusations will be flying from the MSM and the liberal cesspit towards Conservatives. Liberals and their lapdogs in the media have successfully labeled the Republican Party as racists for the past thirty years and continue to reap the rewards at election time. Former democratic political consultant Barbara Howard recently pointed out that the Democratic Party has revised history to show that Democrats, and not the Republicans, have been in the forefront of civil rights for black Americans. Anyone that is a student of history knows that the Democratic Party is the same party that created the segregationist Jim Crow Laws and was involved in the beatings and killing of civil rights workers in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Mrs. Howard asks why the civil rights old guard is silent today when even the most astute black American thinks it was the FBI under a Republican administration rather than J. Edgar Hoover under Democratic AG Robert F. Kennedy that wiretapped Dr. King. Few Americans remember that is was global-warming Al Gore’s father that opposed the civil rights act of 1964. Al Gore Sr., along with LBJ, was one of only three Democratic senators from 11 former confederate states that did not sign the Southern Manifesto opposing integration. The Democratic Party was never a friend of civil rights when it counted and no one seems to remember. That is the way the liberals and the media want you to remember ‘their’ history.

The media never points out the fact that black Americans are primarily Christian and “conservative,” even though they vote for the Democratic candidate 90% of the time. The same can be said with the Hispanics and their conservative and Christian values. Seventy (70%) percent of black Americans voted against gay marriage in California which didn’t get much media attention at the time. Black Americans are in favor of school vouchers which liberals oppose and once again are never reported by the MSM. Why do black Americans vote for a party that holds them back? The answer can be found in the revisionist history of the MSM and Democratic Party, but fault can also be attributed to the GOP.

How does the Republican Party pull black American voters to our movement? Good question and one we have been trying to figure out for some time now. We must unapologetically preach our values to the black community and try to dismiss the liberal propaganda that is fed to them. This is the challenge for our cause and we have an uphill battle. We have forty years of brainwashing to erase and that can be very difficult. If we can pull 20% of black Americans to our side, we and they can win every time. My question is how we change the status quo when the black community seems to be emotional slaves to the Democratic Party.

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  1. This is a tough one but if I recall correctly, didn't Ronald Reagan do better with blacks than current day repubs do? If so, perhaps the basic conservative message is what will work! Family values, less taxes, entrpeneurism.....tough to get that over the heads of the media though and years of black culture!

  2. Uphill battle is right. One of the reasons that blacks and other minorities have turned their backs on the Republican party is because we don't see a whole lot of evidence that the party cares about us. It doesn't help the Republican's cause that there are too many people like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh at the forefront and not enough like Colin Powell. A prime example is the way some members of the right have attacked Sonia Sotomayor (calling her an affirmative action choice, questioning her intellect, and incorrectly referring to her as a Latina single mother, etc.).

    You cited examples of how the Democrats in the distant past haven't always looked out for blacks. Can you provide any examples of how the Republican party is looking out for blacks today?

  3. Malcom - The Republican Party can look out for Blacks based simply on the notion of freedom. That individuals are better off pursuing their own happiness without the constraints of a big-government mentality that tells them that they don't have a chance from the start. The Democrat party doesn't believe in you as a black american, they think that you represent a vote and that you have no other choice. They think that you can't survive without them and their entitlement programs. Programs that teach generations how to expect subsistence living. I believe in a positive Reaganesque vision of America, as a Shining city upon a hill, I'm sure that black americans do too.

  4. Malcolm, School vouchers are a primary example of conservatives and the black community sharing the same vision. Vouchers will and do help black kids that are stuck in failing schools to obtain a better education. The Democrats and this president oppose giving black families the choice to pick a successful education over a failing one. As you and I both know, a better education can go a long way in curing some of the ills that plague the black community.

    Why do Democrats deny this opportunity to their base and one that supplies 90% support during election time. Is it because a better educated child may see the world as it really is rather than the one liberals propagate? Is it because a better educated child has more opportunity to be successful in life and be less dependent on government? The less dependent a person is on government, the less likely that person will support liberal policy and candidates. In my view, the Democrats deny this important opportunity to the black community to keep said community on the liberal plantation. They know if they lose 20-25% of the black vote, they will never win another election.

    Barbara Howard notes that black Republican pioneer Dr. Arthur Fletcher is known as the father of affirmative action, serving as secretary of labor under President Richard Nixon and heading the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under President George H.W. Bush. You wouldn't know that by listening to Democrats and the MSM.

    You mention Colin Powell but stay quite on many other fine black Republicans. Dr. Rice, Chairman Steele, Justice Thomas and former Rep. and future Gov. JC Watts to name just a few. For the most part, the black community live their lives in a conservative manner but continue to support liberal candidates that would deny them a better opportunity to be successful in life.

    Malcolm, thank you for your insight and comments and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

  5. Left Coast-Well stated! Reagan's vision of that shining city on the hill includes all Americans, no matter their race.

  6. Casey - well-stated on your part as well, especially the 'liberal plantation' though. Democrats for the most part have total black support because they have fear-mongered their way into their psyche. Take a look at my sunday post on GM as well. I really like your blog! You are a very smart young person and I appreciate that you put me on your blog-roll as well, did I mention before that I did the same for you?

  7. LCR: Don't be too sure about that last sentence in your comments. By the way, there are 2 "L's" in my name. :-)

    Casey: The reason I mentioned Colin Powell has nothing to do with race. Other Republicans who I would put in the same category as Powell are Charlie Crist and the late Jack Kemp.

    Since I am neither Christian nor conservative, the Republicans have very little chance of winning me over. Whatever the Republicans decide to do, it better be well thought out and genuine because you guys are in danger of going the way of the Whigs.

    LCR and Casey, I am the founder of a blog that deals with race matters (Diversity Ink). Because me and the other contributors are always interested in hearing from others (even if they may disagree), I hope that you find the time to stop by.

  8. Malcolm - sorry for the mispelling, hastily typing! I am sure about the point in my last sentence in that black Americans want the same thing as Reagan (and I), did. By this I mean freedom, liberty, justice, the American dream, a life well lived. I will definitely come by your blog and offer up some arguments if you don't mind.....

  9. Left Coast, Hell, I wish I were young. Thanks for the add as well and I will be visiting soon now that my yard work is done.

    Malcolm, you are correct about the hard work ahead for Republicans. Again, thanks for stopping by and I will be checking in on your site.

  10. Casey - I appreciate it, I have some great content as of late....congrats on the yard work!

  11. this is a tough one, to be sure. the problem is black democrats have swallowed the misinformation cleverly spun by the democratic party. getting them to begin unbelieving their uninformed politics is akin to getting them to believe that there is no god. the best we can do is educate our friends, families and especially our children. and hopefully the pendulum will swing to the conservative side with more knowledgeable black voters in future elections.

    as for myself, i have not touched any of that koolaid.

    thanks for a necessary and thought provoking post.