Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama's moment of truth-The future is watching

A day after North Korea has once again snubbed their nose at Obama and the international community, the world remains powerless. It appears that Kim Jong Ill has lit at least one nuke and launched an ICBM capable of reaching US territory. Under a six-party deal with the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and Russia in 2007, North Korea agreed to scrap its weapons-grade nuclear programs for energy aid. How many times are we going to give this piss-poor country energy in exchange for a worthless "agreement." I say it is time to take off the gloves and get serious with North Korea.

President Obama needs to put North Korea back on the state sponsor of terrorism list Tuesday morning and scrap all energy and food aid to the Korean peninsula immediately. Dictator Kim needs to know that any future launch of an ICBM will be knocked out of the air with our Aegis warships and any subsequent attack on South Korea will be met by an unrelenting counter air attack. Mr. Obama must know that the Iranians are watching our reaction to N. Korea and are taking notes. Keep in mind the cooperation between N. Korea and Iran and the data they share on nuclear matters.

Mr. Obama's weak comments on the subject will only encourage N. Korea and Iran in their pursuit of a fully operational nuclear arsenal. Israel is observing Obama and the international community response as well because their lives depend on a tough response.
The Obama Administration has put pressure on Israel to reign in any attack on Iran's nuclear complex in the hopes that Ahmadinjad will suddenly respond to reason. Iran will see the weak response from Obama and the UN as a green light to manufacture their nuclear tipped missiles with no consequence.

The North Korean situation will not only affect North East Asia but also the volatile Middle East region as well. Kim has already tried to spread his new found technology to Syria and is working with Iran to bolster their nuclear threat. It is time to take off the kid gloves in regards to N. Korea and allow Israel (with our assistance) a preemptive attack on Iran's nuclear complex.
Dictators and tyrants do not respect agreements-They only respect power. This is not a time for a paper tiger, Carter-esque foreign policy-It is a time for a "big stick" policy. Mr. Obama, this is your time to lead-The future is watching!

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  1. A pre-emptive strike on North Korea is unthinkable, it would unleash a shower of very punjent shit on South Korea a very good ally of America. Seoul The Korean capital is in striking distance of North Korean artillary and good be pretty much flatened. And the death toll would be huge. We have had 50 odd years to bring North Korea back into the fold!

    We need to pressure the Chinese and the Russians into action on this more as they hold more sway with the North Koreans than the States. A tough stance is needed as you are right the Iranians will watch this and wonder how far you will go. Another conflict is something America can not afford to get involved in right now!

  2. This kind of news story makes me very concerned when you consider the national leadership that we have at the moment. Parallels of Jimmy Carter make we wake up with cold sweats.....Nice blog BTW, why don't you drop by my place too and follow if you don't mind, I just put you on my blogroll..

  3. Haworth, I am not calling for a pre-emptive strike per se, but once their missiles leave Korean airspace, they should be taken out. The question is, will Kim attack S.Korea for that act, most likely he would.

    We cannot be afraid to send a powerful message to this mental midget because the only thing he respects is power. Kim will keep pushing the envelope until he is slapped down like a defiant child. China could have stopped all of this crap long ago but still refuses to do so. China owns most of our national debt, so what are we going to do to pressure them?

    Iran is watching the situation very close and if they see Kim Jong Il get away with nothing of consequence, they will do the same. You state that America cannot afford to take any action, but it is getting to the point where we cannot afford 'not' to act.
    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Left Coast Rebel, Thanks for stopping by and for the add. I have done the same and will be stopping by often. Keep up the good work!

  5. I see that the messiah is being tested. They rogue states of the world will continue to test the willingness of this administration act in anyway other than a teleprompter delivered statement. I believe they will find him weak, and they will exploit accordingly.

    I have to agree with Left Coast Rebel. I'm thinking Jimmy Carter 2.0 as well. With Nukes, of course, the stakes are higher!

  6. The US and others are very limited in what they can and cannot do.

    Any military action would be just plain stupid, and cutting off food aid will only hurt the poor people living there. Do you think the leaders (whoever they are atm) are going to starve? I think not.